SFV-ASF Fight 26

Karin vs. AS-R

List of stages from Street Fighter V that only appear in A Shadow Falls and are unavailable on other modes. Note that as they can't be selected, they have no official names. They are all located in the Shadaloo Headquarters and one located in the City.

SFV A Shadow Falls Stage 5

Charlie vs. Guile

 ??? Edit

An outside location similar to the City in Chaos.


  1. Charlie vs. Guile
  2. Rashid vs. Chun-Li


SFV-ASF Fight 27

Ibuki vs. Balrog

Two corridors from the Shadaloo Base.


  1. Karin vs. AS-R
  2. Ibuki vs. Balrog
  3. R. Mika vs. Balrog


SFV-ASF Fight 29

Karin vs. F.A.N.G

The room containing the computer controlling the Black Moons.


  1. Karin vs. F.A.N.G
  2. Rashid vs. März
  3. Rashid vs. F.A.N.G
  4. F.A.N.G vs. März


SFV-ASF Fight 30

M. Bison vs. Charlie

A location close to the Lair of the Four Kings, where Li-Fen is forced to work as a hacker in a machine, appearing in the background. She is absent on this stage's last appearance as she is saved by Chun-Li.


  1. M. Bison vs. Charlie
  2. M. Bison vs. Necalli
  3. Chun-Li vs. F.A.N.G


SFV-ASF Fight 38

Cammy vs. Juli

An outside location similar to the Shadaloo Base at Night.


  1. Cammy vs. Juli
  2. Vega vs. Cammy
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