The Abi Blaster is one of Abigail's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Left+Arcade-Button-HPunch



Executed by pressing back and Heavy Punch, Abigail turns his shoulders and extends his arm across his body in a backhand swinging motion.

Tactics Edit

Unlike Abi Lift, this attack is unsafe. It's -3 on hit and -6 on block. Despite this, Abi Blaster is a solid tool in the neutral game. It inflicts the same damage and stun as his other Heavy unique attacks. In addition, it has a quick, 7-frame startup, making it one of his fastest attacks. It's even faster than his Medium normals and slightly slower than his Light normals.

Abi Blaster is one of Abigail's best combo extender. It can be linked from Standing Medium Punch or linked into his Abi Twist target combo. This attack can also be cancelled into Abigail's special attacks, such as Abigail Punch and Giant Flip. Abi Blaster also negate single-hitting projectiles. This requires precise timing and anticipation. Additionally, nullifying projectiles with this move allows Abigail to build meter.

When Abigail's V-Trigger is active, Abi Blaster's properties change. By holding Heavy Punch, he can charge this attack to increase the damage and stun. Also, Abigail gains one hit of armor while charging for this move, as well as his other Heavy Punch attacks.

  • Releasing Heavy Punch in between frames 17-30 results in the second level of Abi Blaster. It causes a blowback knockdown if it hits the opponent in midair. Abigail also gains one hit of armor at the startup. In addition, Abigail can reflect his opponent's projectile attacks, with the exception of Critical Art. This include multi-hitting and EX projectiles.
  • Releasing Heavy Punch after frame 30 results in the third and maximum level of Abi Blaster. Hitting the opponent with a fully charged attack causes a blowback knockdown on hit. However, blocking this level of Abi Blaster leads to a guard break, giving Abigail a free opportunity. Finally, a fully charged attack reflects all of his opponents projectiles, including their Critical Arts.

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