The Abi Twist is one of Abigail's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

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Description[edit | edit source]


Executed by pressing back and Heavy Punch, followed by a second Heavy Punch, Abigail turns his shoulders and extends his arm across his body in a backhand swinging motion. Once his attack connects, Abigail steps toward his opponent and delivers a massive uppercut, knocking his opponent back as he spins back to his original position.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

This is one of Abigail's target combos. It starts off with his Abi Blaster, which has a 7-frame startup. If the first attack hits his opponent, Abigail can confirm into the second hit to his target combo. It inflicts good damage and results in a knockdown. Unfortunately, this move is Abigail's only target combo that is unsafe at -9 on block.

Abi Twist can be used as a combo ender. If his opponent is barely out of range for Abigail Punch, then he can use this move to close the distance and give himself a knockdown. Abi Twist cannot be cancelled into Abigail's special attacks, unlike Abi Blaster. However, it can be cancelled into his V-Trigger. By doing so, Abi Twist serves as one of Abigail's best combo extender, leading into heavy damaging combos.

When Abigail's V-Trigger is active, Abi Twist's properties change. By holding Heavy Punch, he can charge this attack to increase the damage and stun. Also, Abigail gains one hit of armor while charging for this move, as well as his other Heavy Punch attacks. Hitting the opponent with a (fully) charged Abi Twist launches them in the air, giving Abigail a free opportunity to extend the combo with another charged Abi Twist or end the combo with Abigail Punch.

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