This is a list of quotes used by Abigail.

Final Fight OneEdit

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Before fight Edit

vs. HaggarEdit

Haggar: I'll destroy and rescue Jessica from Belger!

Abigail: Don't think you'll get by me so easily!

Haggar: You think you are so strong?! It's go time!!

vs. CodyEdit

Cody: Are you gonna stand in my way?

Abigail: Don't put me in the same category as that Andre!

Cody: Where is Jessica!?

Abigail: Hey, cool down. She must be having a good time with Belger!

Cody: ...WHAT?! I'll slice your tongue for that!!

vs. GuyEdit

Abigail: I'm tired of waiting. Let me perform techniques!

Guy: I'll defeat you and rescue Jesscia.

Abigail: Grab and throw! Grab and throw!

vs. Alpha GuyEdit

Guy: I wonder if Cody has come here as well.

Abigail: You are too late! I'm tired of waiting.

Guy: I hope Cody gets himself together here.

Abigail: I've heard you don't pay attention to others, but I didn't expect this! You'll pay for ignoring me!

vs. Alpha CodyEdit

Cody: Oh, yes! This Way! I remember having stayed in front of a dog...

Abigail: You are too late, Punch me! Go for it! I'll show you my rage!

Cody: Yeah, I know, You turn red and make a mad dash right?

Abigail: Ughgh!

Cody: Do you still stick to using only one attack pattern?

Abigail: Ugaaaah! You arrogant fool!

Cody: C'mon! I'm in a good mood today and ready for you!

Street Fighter VEdit

Character Selection Edit

  • "Abi-Gail!"

Intro Edit

  • "Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! Rrrrt! Hah hah, heh!"
  • "Gas tank's at full." (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "Time to kick it into top gear!" (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "Vroom! Vrrrrrrooom!" (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "A-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BAAA!" (Extreme Survival Mode)

Throws Edit

  • "Vroom, vrrrroom!" (Throw)
  • "Bang! Boom boom! Boom!" (Back-Throw)
  • "Annoying!" (Throw Escape)

Unique Moves Edit

  • "Hammer!" (Abi Hammer)
  • "Take this!" (Abi Twist)

V-Skill 1 Edit

  • "How's that!?" (Hungabee Low)
  • "You fool!" (Hungabee Low connects)

Special Moves Edit

  • "Rah!" (Light Abigail Punch)
  • "Abi-bi-bi-Abigail Punch!" (Light Abigail Punch lands)
  • "Abi-gail Punch!" (Medium Abigail Punch lands)
  • "V8!!" (EX Abigail Punch)
  • "Vroom, vroom..." (Nitro Charge)
  • "Boom boom, boom boom, boom boom!" (EX Nitro Charge)
  • "You're gonna crash!!" (EX Nitro Charge lands)
  • "BANG!" (Dynamite Punch)
  • "Reverse!" (Drop Back)
  • "Abi-gail!" (Bay Area Sunrise)
  • "Abi-gairrrroom!" (EX Bay Area Sunrise)
  • "Back off!" (Light Abigail Smash)
  • "Don't move! Ba-boom!" (Medium Abigail Smash)
  • "Big smash! Crush you like a can!" (Heavy Abigail Smash)
  • "High octane, FULL TANK!" (EX Abigail Smash)

V-System Edit

  • "RAAAAAGGHHH!!" (V-Trigger 1 Activation)
  • "ACCELERATE!!" (Charged Standing High Punch)
  • "WIPER!!" (Charged Abi Lift)
  • "MMHH!!" (Charged Abi Blaster)
  • "CRUSH YOU!!" (Charged Abi Twist)
  • "SPIN!!" (Charged Crouching High Punch)
  • "Push it to the red line!!" (V Trigger 2 Activation)
  • "AH-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAH!!" (Metro Crash Charging)

Critical Art activation Edit

  • "You can't run away!
  • "Ora ora, ora ora, ora ora! Wipeout!" (Hit)
  • "Just stay in your lane!" (Miss)

Round Victory Edit

  • "Looks like I've got more horsepower!"
  • "It's a dead heat!" (Low health)

Round Loss Edit

  • "Vraaaaaugh!"
  • "Vrrr... vrrr..." (crumple KO)

Taunt Edit

  • "Better run faster or get out of my way. I'll crush you."

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "You can't drive anywhere without POWER! Vrooooom!"
  • "Vroooooom!"
  • "Aha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "Vrooom! Looks like your tachometer burned out."
  • "Hey, I better get back. I got books that need balancing."

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "The Satsuinowhatsit? Killing wha? All that talk, and you broke like a side-view mirror!
  • "You should diet. Your movements are all dull and slow."
  • "Whoa, what's with that spark? You got a car battery in your pocket or something? You gotta be careful with those things!"
  • "Keep your nose outta my business, copper. I'm totally legit now."
  • "Hey, I’m a law-abiding’ citizen! I pay my taxes just like everyone else!"
  • "Hey, sumo guy. You're built like a truck, but you've go no horsepower!"
  • "All you psychopaths runnin' around. Ya'll need therapy, or somethin'."
  • "You rely on that sicko or whatever power too much. You need more horses under that hood of yours for that!"
  • "Poison? Nah. You're the least dangerous poison I've ever come across."
  • "Is that a custom paint job? The contents don't match its exterior!"
  • "Thought you could win, soldier boy? Better luck next time, bwa ha ha ha!"
  • "I didn't even feel a thing. Moves are useless without power behind em."
  • "I thought you were revved up, but you ran out of gas so quickly! You need more vroom vroom!"
  • "What's this crap about Satsui? You'd pull a muscle poppin' a hood!"
  • "My engines are anti-freeze! Ha! Bwa ha ha! Man, I'm funny!"
  • "I ain't never heard of your style. Unless it's called suck."
  • "Another cop trying to stick their nose into my business. I'm legit now, so get lost."
  • "Why don'cha use that crystal ball of yours to see if you can win before you challenge someone?"
  • "Why so moody, pal? Try smiling! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!"
  • "Eat? What are you going on about? You don't make a lick of sense!"
  • "Not interested in workin' on the road with you, but come visit my workshop anytime."
  • "You could tone it down a few notches. Jus' sayin."
  • "What'd you expect? Dance around like a bug and I'm gonna flick you away!"
  • "You're a junker. Scrapheap's waitin' for you, buddy."
  • "Strength is power! Horsepower! Torque! ...And some other stuff too, I guess."
  • "You can't really talk about being a ruler until you get more power, y'hear?"

Character story Edit

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  • Ibuki: "Ew! What the... Did you fart?"
  • Abigail: "N...nooo!"
  • Ibuki: "Well, what was that sound, then? It sounded like a fart!"
  • Abigail: "It's not a fart! Vrrr..vrrr...rr.. that's the sound of an engine!"

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