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The Air Force Base (空軍某基地?) is a stage in Street Fighter II, Street Fighter EX, and Street Fighter V set in a base from the United States Air Force.


Street Fighter II[]

Guile's stage, set on the Air Force Base, has some of his colleagues watching the battle and an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet on the background with the text CAP RF512. The stage has two crates that can be broken.

Guile went to the air force base while searching who killed his comrade Charlie Nash, his only clue being the name M. Bison. In the base, someone challenges him for a fight in exchange for information.[1]

Street Fighter EX[]

In the original Street Fighter EX, the air force base serves as the stage of both Guile and Allen Snider. The EX Plus version differs slightly in the coloration. The background music is called Strange Sunset.

Street Fighter V[]

The Air Force Base appears as Guile's stage, being a somewhat of a replica of the Super Street Fighter II version, now featuring an F-18. The crates were previously not breakable in this version of the stage, however.

Other media[]

In Street Fighter II V, Ken challenges Guile in an air force base.


  • The fighter jet depicted in the background is a USAF General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. In the EX version, an A-6E can also be seen. In the Street Fighter V version, the F-16 is replaced with a USAF McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet.
  • The Air Force's main fighter jets are the F-22 and the F-35, but the Street Fighter V version of the stage features an outdated F/A-18. This was mostly because the plane is still in service and more closely resembles the original F-16 of the Street Fighter II version.
  • Aside from the F/A-18, the Street Fighter V version also has a C-5 Galaxy in the background.
  • In Ultra Street Fighter II and the compilation Street Fighter 30th Anniversary, the US Air Force logo on the floor was replaced by a generic design of a leaf with a star.


Guile's theme plays on the Air Force Base stage.



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