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Not to be confused with Reset, where an damage scaling is started over with a setup.

Ibuki hitting her aerial opponent, causing him to flip over and land on his feet.

An Air Reset is a term for when an enemy is hit in the air and they land on their feet afterwards.


Air Resets are the usual outcomes when a character is hit out of the the air. Some attacks such as the first hit of Ibuki's Agemen put the opponent in a Juggle state. In an air reset the opponent lands on their feet and has a visible "flip" where in an air reset the opponent is switched in a falling on back position that they do not get out of in the air, they can then "tech" recover when landing.


Most Anti Airs that are normal inputs or some Unique Attacks cause air resets. An example is Rose's crouching hard punch, which is a normal attack that causes an air reset when hit. Players that use footsies are recommended to learn the distance their anti airs provide on hit to keep the distance they want their opponent to be.

Some players may purposely attempt to get hit in the air for an air reset. Attacks of higher button presses usually have higher recovery, that should not be confused with positive Frame Data and can be punished by an opponent that lands with Air Resets.


Street Fighter IV[]

Most attacks cause air resets. Reversals such as EX Kazekiri put opponents in juggle states that can be combo'ed off of if the player FADC's. Some attacks and Unique Attacks cause the juggle state. Other attacks can cause opponents to go into a juggled state such as Ibuki's close hard kick.

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

Most Unique Attacks cause Juggles rather than air resets. Most normals cause Air Resets. Most of the time Juggled states can not be air reset with attacks such as the second hit of Ibuki's Agemen as it can in the main games. Normal Attacks that Counter Hit cause Juggles rather than Air Resets.

Street Fighter V[]

SFV follows mostly the same rules as IV. Crush Counters cause juggle states if hitting aerial opponents. Some Crush Counters such as Ibuki's Forward Hard Kick put the opponent in a juggle state despite their prior standing.