Albert Sellers is a minor character from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. He is the British Minister of Justice.


Though the exact nature of Sellers' dealings with Shadaloo is unknown, it is clear that Sellers did not intend to cooperate fully with the crime organization. This puts him at odds with the organization's leader, M. Bison, who captures an MI6 agent, Cammy White, and brainwashes her to assassinate him. As Sellers leaves a courthouse after a hearing, Cammy makes quick work of the British Secret Service Agents guarding Sellers and reaches him. With a smirk, Cammy snaps Sellers' neck, but she is captured by the Secret Service. Sellers' assassination is what prompts Interpol agent Chun-Li to propose an alliance between Interpol and the United States Military.


  • Though the opening scene of the film takes place in London, Sellers (as does everyone present) speaks with a clear American accent.