This is a list of quotes used by Alex.

Street Fighter III series Edit

  • A1- *"Over already eh, it mustn't be even a spar..."
  • A2- *"Before I get serious, you're down??"
  • A3- *"Rhythm's bad? That's an awkward excuse isn't it..."
  • A4- *"Whoever my opponent likely is, I won't ease up..."
  • B1- *"I don't care where you've trained, it's the proof against me!"
  • B2-* "Stay down like that, you're ghastly pale!"
  • B3- *"Quit with the bluff, having to mouth things..."
  • B4- *"You, regret that extent of strength?"
  • C1-* "Tough aren't you, but for stoutness I'm tops."
  • C2- *"A turn-around chance then, take it without restraint!"
  • C3-* "You plan to hand me a KO? With such a small move..."
  • C4-* *"I won't allow myself to lose... There's a reason to become of me."

Round WinEdit

  • "Weak!"
  • "At ease, loo-suh!"
  • "I don't lose!" (Third Strike)


  • "Jesus!" (Chip KO)

Street Fighter III: New Generation Edit

Win Quotes (Generic) Edit

  • A "You hit the ground right when I was about to go berserk. Lucky!"
  • A "You say you were out of form? Your excuses are out of control!"
  • A "I always give my all no matter who I face."
  • A "Damn! Even my sparring partner lasts longer than that!"
  • B "You thought you had a chance? C'mon, everyone knows you're no good!"
  • B "I don't know where you trained yourself, but you didn't train hard enough. Those moves suck!"
  • B "Bluffing will get you nowhere against me. Talk's cheap!"
  • B "Just stay down, don't try to stand up. You look pale!"
  • C "Damn, I can't believe how poorly I fought. Next time, I will really beat the crap out of you!"
  • C "I didn't think I'd have such a hard time with you!"
  • C "You're tough, but you can't outlast the best."
  • C "You arrogant imbecile, you slacked off right at the end."

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

  • "Just stay down, don't try to stand up. You look pale!"
  • "You've got mighty body blows, but they'll never hit my vital organs."
  • "If you want guys to like you, you gotta use those legs for something else."
  • "You may be fast, but not fast enough to elude my fists."
  • "Your moves are as freakin' weird as you are."
  • "Keep your temper old man! I'll ignore your piddly ass next time."
  • "You.... You seem to live for the fight."
  • "You brothers are so hot-blooded! But you're both lamers."
  • "Don't pick a fight if you can't hold your ground!"

Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact Edit

Win Quotes (Generic) Edit

  • "I cannot lose...I have my reasons!"
  • "Defeat will only come when I no longer have a soul!"
  • "I have a wound that cannot be healed...."
  • "If you want to beat me, train yourself more or think it over.... Take your time...."
  • "You're bugging me! Don't you have anything better to do?"
  • "Using power to my advantage is my style...."
  • "It's all over for you. You don't have to get up anymore...."

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

  • "You lack emotions. You cannot understand my sadness, so you are destined to lose!"
  • "How can you hope to win if all you do is imitate my style?"
  • "My tenacity overcomes your pride. Of course, you have no idea how to deal with it."
  • "You show gratitude towards your challengers. I wonder if all your opponents can understand it."
  • "Your arrogance only serves to strengthen my spirit! I'll serve you your justice!"
  • "It looks as though I've sunk the Titanic! It might be a good idea to stay down...."
  • "You've trained yourself well.... But you should improve your tenacity, or you'll lose swiftly."
  • "I don't know why.... But I cannot forgive the man who created you."
  • "If you grapple with me cheaply, you'll get hurt, old timer!"
  • "Your immaturity might get you killed someday. Are you sure you are ready for this stuff?"
  • "I thought you were my arch-rival! I guess I was wrong.... You resemble him so closely...."
  • "Keep your cool and don't worry so much about winning or losing.... You'll learn in time...."
  • "Has defeat hardened your spirit? Can you feel it? Are you stronger now?!"

Rival Dialogue Edit

Mid boss: Ken Edit

Ken: "You look like a decent sparring partner. So, how about it?"

Alex: "I've got to start somewhere. So I may as well start with you!"

End boss: Gill Edit

Alex: "You're the one I've been looking for! It's payback time for Tom!"

Gill: "And now that you have found me, your quest is over; permanently."

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Edit

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

  • "A lack of spirit will always lead to defeat!"
  • "Be a master of your mind before attempting to master your body!"
  • "Defeat will help you to solve your ego problem."
  • "Don't waste my time. I can learn nothing from you."
  • "Study your opponents and exploit their weakness. That is the key..."
  • "Use your head, or I will! I need a new bowling ball..."
  • "You can't escape! Real fighters know their true calling!"
  • "You don't have to be big, to look like a big loser."

Rival Dialogue Edit

Ryu Edit

Alex: "A karate uniform and a headband... You must be Ryu!"

Alex: "I've heard about you! Now, I'll confirm these rumors."

Ryu: "Hmm... I can see the powers in your eyes..."

Ryu: "Don't hold back! Show me everything you've got!"

Capcom Fighting Evolution Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • Are you finished, or you wanna get knocked out again?
  • Can't beat me! Any pain you can dish out is nothing compared to a broken heart.
  • I'm not interested in winning unless I can look good doing it!
  • If we meet again, I'll wipe that look off your face permanently!
  • If you enjoy getting knocked out, go ahead and get back up!
  • If you hope to beat me, you'll need to use your brains as well as brawn.
  • Keep fighting like that and you won't be in this business long!
  • Not bad. But you'll have to hit me harder than that!

Tatsunoko vs. Cacpom Edit

Win quotes Edit

  • [p] - The name of the primary opponent
  • "You can talk the talk, but you can't walk the walk yet, loser!"
  • "Are you the real [p]? I thought you were supposed to be top tier."
  • "What, you weren't ready? Were you really that scared of me?"
  • "You shouldn't have held back, punk! Now you'll just be making excuses for losing!"
  • "Switching out with a partner... Hell yeah! This is just like a real tag team match!"
  • "Damn, this is just like in the comic books. Pat and Tom ain't gonna believe this..."
  • "A rematch? It ain't gonna do you any good. You'll just get beat down again."
  • "Looks like you'll need to hit the gym again, that is, if you can get back to your world!"

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

Capcom Edit

  • "And the real deal gets the win! Sorry, but an imitator like you ain't got nothin' on me!"
  • "Thought you could win on guts alone? You obviously didn't know who you were dealing with!"
  • "Geez, I break through your guard and you just run away. You're a pain in the neck, lady!"
  • "Cripes, you're one tough customer. Are all cameramen like you?"
  • "All that armor to eat attacks you could just dodge. You got your priorities mixed up, buddy."
  • "Sorry, kid. Going easy on ya wouldn't make me much of a man, now would it?"
  • "You're one creepy lady, you know. There ain't gonna be a second date, that's for sure!"
  • "Never thought I'd meet you here, Ryu. Guess I should be grateful for this opportunity!"
  • "They may call you the hero, but they call me the winner. What do you think about that?"

Tatsunoko Edit

  • "I can read all of your moves, kid. You thought that helmet was gonna save you, huh? Thought wrong!"
  • "Just stay on the ground, babe. I wasn't expecting much from you anyway."
  • "Gonna need to ice my hands after punching you so many times. You made of steel or somethin'?"
  • "First things first, buddy. Line up your shot, then pull the trigger! You listenin' buddy?"
  • "... Dude, your mask is creeping me out."
  • "Seems you're a hardened fighter like me, but you ain't been tossed around like a ragdoll before eh?"
  • "Hey, babies like you shouldn't be playing in the streets. Kids these days..."
  • "That's what happens when you try to fight a street fighter with weapons! You learn your lesson, kid?"

Street Fighter V Edit

Character SelectEdit

  • "This'll be perfect for a warm up."
  • "Let's do this." (unused)

Intro Edit

  • "Okay. Let's rumble."
  • "Okay. Let's get started."
  • "I'll win the next match, too." (Training Mode)
  • "Time for some sparrin'." (Training Mode)
  • "The main attraction has arrived." (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "This is a pretty good warm-up." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "I'm ready!" (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "Let's have a good fight, eh?" (Extreme Survival Mode)

Unused IntrosEdit

  • "I'm ready."
  • "The main attraction has arrived."
  • "Let's have a good fight, ah?"


  • "I'm all warmed up."

V-Trigger I Edit

  • "Full power now!"
  • "Woaaaaaaargh!" (charging Sledge Hammer)
  • "Full power!" (performing Sledge Hammer)

V-Trigger II Edit

  • "Over the limit!"
  • "DDT!" (Flying DDT)
  • "No escape!" (Choke Sleeper)

Critical Art Edit

  • "Now for the finale! You can't escape! The end!"
  • "Son of a..." (first hit miss)


  • "Come on!"

Unused TauntsEdit

  • "You're tough, aren'tcha?"
  • "I ain't gonna go easy on ya."
  • "Ey, bud, you gotta boo-boo?"
  • "Interesting. You've got good eye."

Round Win Edit

  • "Looks like you could use more training."
  • "Looks like I won. Alright."

Unused Round WinsEdit

  • "Is that all ya got, punk?"
  • "You kinda suck at this."
  • "This is a pretty good warm-up."
  • "So predictable."
  • "I think you could use a trainer."
  • "You're not followin' through."
  • "Hmph. I didn't even break a sweat."
  • "Buddy? You gotta lot to learn."
  • "I guess that's your best?"
  • "You picked the wrong guy, loo-sah."
  • "Weak!"
  • "You're a complete joke!"
  • "So disappointing."
  • "You made this pretty tough."
  • "That was an awesome fight!"
  • "Sorry about that. Guess I went overboard."
  • "Why don't you learn how to take a bump?"
  • "And I was takin' it easy on ya."
  • "I spared you a REAL beatin'."
  • "Too much time goofin' off."
  • "I just couldn't close a deal."

KO Edit

  • "Nooo!!!"
  • "Tom!!!"
  • "Dammit!!!"
  • "This isn't OVER!!!"
  • "God...damn..." (crumple KO)
  • "I just...lost..." (crumple KO)
  • "Back to...square one..." (crumple KO)
  • "Too strong...ugh..." (crumple KO)

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "The world is home to all kinds of interesting people like yourself."
  • "Sorry, but I made a promise to Tom. The rematch will have to wait."
  • "This town has enough fighters like you already. Go home."
  • "Now then, I should be getting back. Got my trailer to fix."
  • "Over already?"

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "You got the power. But you need a lot more skill to back it up."
  • "You make a pretty good heel! I won't hold back when I send you flying!"
  • "You're not a heel, just a glorified jobber!
  • "It's kinda fun going up against beastly guys like you once in a while."
  • "Your speed might serve you well on the battlefield, but you won't beat me if that's all you got."
  • "Your kicks are something else. Did you hone them on the battlefield?"
  • "I would've liked to have fought you back when you were just a young scrappy guy on the streets."
  • "What the...? How can your arms and legs extend like that?"
  • "Pretty sure you coulda done better. Get back to training, buddy."
  • "You have to obtain your own freedom. Seems you already get that, though."
  • "Your style reeks of desperation. That doesn't make for a very fun fight."
  • "President? Pretty sure I never voted for you."
  • "Enough talk. Show me your power."
  • "For a so-called army man, you don't fare too well in actual battle."
  • "You won't get any better if you keep this up. Focus a little more on the fight."
  • "If you're gonna dish it out, you gotta be ready to take it, too."
  • "You're not weak, but no way would I call you strong."
  • "You're good at putting on the pressure. Catching you was tough."
  • "Never seen anyone fight like you. Can't tell if you're strong or not..."
  • "You want me to join your school? Even though I just beat you?"
  • "Do I like to fight? Yeah... Against strong opponents."
  • "What are those scars on your arm and face? There's no way you got them in that last match."
  • "My soul won't be taken that easily, no matter what you are!"
  • "I hope for your sake, you're a better promoter than you are a fighter."
  • "You don't have what it takes to be a face. Not the power, nor the technique."
  • "You're fast, but your blows are weak. You could hit me a thousand times and still not win."
  • "The thicker the wall, the more satisfying to break through."
  • "Well, this is a surprise. Seems like we're both looking for the same guy."
  • "If your face is so important, maybe you shouldn't show it in public."
  • "If it's a straight up battle of brawn you want, I won't lose!"
  • "Man, I don't get ninjas. All this deception and trickery, when all you have to do is just punch the other guy."

Character Story ModeEdit

Stage 1: The GridEdit

Fight 1: BirdieEdit

Character InteractionEdit

Alex: "Damn it!"

Fight 3: RyuEdit

Character InteractionEdit

Alex: "If there's no way out...!"

A Shadow Falls Edit

  • "Nuagh!"
  • "You a mugger? I heard it's happening a lot around the neighborhood recently."
  • "You picked on the wrong guy."
  • "You still want to do this...!?"
  • "What are ya?"
  • "Ah, that thing's not a big deal to me. You take it."
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