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Allied Nations

From l-r: Lt. Cammy, Sgt. T. Hawk, Col. Guile and an AN soldier.

The Allied Nations, abbreviated A.N., is a multinational military force in the 1994 movie, Street Fighter, where it opposes an enemy known as Shadaloo, headed by a drug lord and military General named M. Bison. Bison's role in the movie is to demand the Allied Nations twenty billion of their currency within three days, or he will have his soldiers execute several Allied officials that they are holding hostage, which would leave Colonel William F. Guile feeling accountable in his mind. However, Guile manages to defeat Bison and have his friends rescue the hostages, and they escape before the hideout collapses.

During the movie, the Allied Nations are seen on the uniforms of some members (such as Guile and Cammy) when shown in a stealth boat that Bison later attacks.


Flag of the Allied Nations

Member Nations[]

A.N. Personel[]

  • Col. William F. Guile - Belgian-American leader of the regional forces in Shadaloo City to stop Bison.
  • Lt. Cammy - British intel officer and aide de camp to Guile.
  • Cpt. Carlos "Charlie" Blanka - Guile's Brazilian best friend who is kidnapped by Bison's forces and mutated into a monster.
  • Sgt. T. Hawk - Cherokee assistant and bodyguard to Guile.
  • Cpt. Sawada - Leader of the Japanese AN forces.
  • A.N. Official - Working under the secretary of the Allied Nations Security Council, he wanted to negotiate with Bison and give him the $20 Billion ransom.

Other appearances[]

The A.N. made an appearance in the Street Fighter cartoon episode, Keeping the Peace. It is revealed that Guile was court-martialed for going against orders and attacking Bison's stronghold. Sawada became Colonel and the leader of Guile's old team. T. Hawk has also remained with the A.N. but also aids Guile in the rest of the series.


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