Allies are people that Kyle can hire for a limited time in Final Fight: Streetwise. They will follow around in the district they were hired and attack enemies that approach him or Kyle. Allies can't be killed by enemies, but they are slower than Kyle, they won't enter buildings, can't assist in events, will automatically leave when Kyle goes to other district, and only one Ally can follow Kyle at a time, greatly reducing their usefulness. It is generally better to avoid hiring them to save money, the only exception being Paco.

Paco The guy smells worse than the Barfly after chili and tequila night...but he looks like he can throw a punch. Boxing $100 'Throw me $100 and I'll start breaking heads.' 1:30 Only available when Kyle helps 2-ill in the Hood. Useful as he can distract enemies and help save 2-ill.
Biker A badass with a big knife. He might be useful. Knife $100 'Throw me $100 and I'll start breakin' heads.' 1:30 Available in Pier District after defeating Devin Aranoc.
2-Ill This guy is a pain in the ass, but he knows things...and isn't half bad with a pistol. Pistol $100 You need some help and I need $100. Amazing how these things work out. 2:00 Available in several areas in varying times.
Haggar The guy looks like he bench-presses trucks. Sounds like a deal to me. Grapple $100 '$100 and I've got your back.' 2:30 Available in Pier District after meeting him.
Cop Having a cop at my back is too weird. I like the shotgun, though. Shotgun $150 'Police protection for $150. No better deal.' 2:30 Available in Little Italy after the rat mini-game in Vito's restaurant

Besides hired allies, Cody, Guy, Sergeant Sims and some Cops will assist Kyle in some parts of the story. Haggar will help for free the first time he appears. 2-Ill will also help in fights for free on two parts of the story, but he will not have immunity and must be protected.


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