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The left Zangief is in a default color scheme, and the right one is in a purple alternate color scheme.

Alternate colors are a feature introduced in Street Fighter II': Champion Edition.


The playable characters of Champion Edition gained alternate colorations for their costumes as the result of the game introducing the Mirror Match feature, which was the first time in the series that players could go head-to-head with the same character; the different colors were designed to prevent confusion. The alternate color could be selected by pressing the Start button.

Later games would also allow players to choose from a set of colors, usually by pressing a certain button to select said character.

Super Street Fighter IIEdit

Each attack button corresponds to its own color, with a seventh for pressing Start and an eighth for holding an attack button. The FM Towns port introduces Color Edit, which allows players to customize and save character palettes.

Street Fighter Alpha AnthologyEdit

The Alpha games each have hidden options that allow players to adjust the palettes of each character.

Capcom vs. SNK seriesEdit

Capcom vs. SNK brings back the Color Edit option, which allows players to save two custom palettes; Capcom vs. SNK 2 allows only one.

Street Fighter IV seriesEdit

There are now 10 colors available for each character; only two are initially usable, and the rest are unlocked by completing matches with the given character. Colors are selected with a menu rather than specific button presses.

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

Each character has two default colors and three slots for custom palettes that can be set via the returning Color Edit mode.

Street Fighter V series Edit

Outfits come in two colors, by default the regular outfit comes with every color and the story outfit can be purchased with Fight Money (or real life money). Other outfits are available of different themes that can be unlocked through extra battle modes or paid DLC. DLC outfits tend to come with all outfit colors unlocked. There are also some Capcom Pro Tour exclusive color schemes available.


  • While most colors are unique, sometimes Capcom does color outfits based on other characters, such as Ibuki's story mode outfit color that is based on Roll from the Mega Man franchise or even other franchises not Capcom based such as a a color for Ibuki's battle outfit Sakura from Naruto.


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