The Amazon River Run (アマゾンリバー ラン Amazon Ribaa Ran?) is one of Blanka's unique attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter II series.

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Executed by pressing down-forward and Heavy Punch, Blanka crouches low to the ground and performs a stretching slide on his back, reaching his arms out and lunging at his opponent's ankles with his fists out in front.


The move allows Blanka to slide under and dodge any attack that isn't aimed at foot level, making it an ideal counter. This also means that he can avoid almost any projectile as well (a notable exception being Sagat's Low Tiger Shot).

This attack's full capabilities are essential knowledge for Blanka players; the move provides incredibly useful range and versatility, with a quick start-up to boot. Its range makes it a viable go-to in many situations, provided the player does not get too close to the opponent and leave Blanka vulnerable, since the move is unsafe on block.[1]

In Street Fighter IV, players can also mix in the River Run with Level 2 and 3 Focus Attacks.[2]

In Street Fighter V, Blanka can cancel Amazon River Run into his V-Triggers, making this unsafe slide difficult to punish on block.



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