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Flag of Amnesia (Comic)

Amnesia's Logo.

Amnesia (アムネジア Amunejia), is a terrorist organization in Street Fighter 6, secretly led by JP. They claim to be a group of hacktivists that demand true freedom and equality of information, and want to bring down the heads of all capitalist exploiters, when in reality, they're the ones responsible for the attacks on Nayshall and for framing Ken Masters. This group consists of Shadaloo remnants.


Street Fighter 6[]

Members of Amnesia[]

  • JP (leader)


  • Ken Masters - After being framed for orchestrating a criminal plot, Ken looks for a way to stop both Amnesia and JP in order to prove his innocence.
  • Chun-Li - Tasked to investigate international financial crimes happening in Nayshall. She and Li-Fen also try to prove that the video released by Amnesia, about Ken being a terrorist, is fake.
  • Kimberly Jackson - The death of her uncle, Albert is her driving reason to learn how he died in an ambushed in a same week where Ken is being framed.
  • Guile - Began to re-investigate the previous Nayshall incident where his brother in-law, Ken was framed.
  • Cammy White - After the fall of Shadaloo, Cammy begins to hunt down the remnants of the criminal organization. She discovers JP, who has a connection to M. Bison, and plans to know what he's plotting.
  • A.K.I. - Following her master's orders, A.K.I. searches for the remnants of Shadaloo. She encounters JP and questions about his plans. She also warns him that F.A.N.G should be the one to revive the organization and that she can kill him whenever he commands it.
  • Ed - While searching for more subjects, he encountered JP. He then found out that JP and the organization plans to make Ed as the new leader of Shadaloo which made him refuse to turning into a successor for the revival of Shadaloo.



  • Amnesia is evocative of government, corporate, and financial institution collusion activities, in this case mainly through the use of the internet to enact divide and conquer and astroturf clout between and within communities to prevent united efforts to overthrow corrupt leaders and regimes.