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The Angry Charge (アングリーチャージ Angurii Chaaji?) is one of Sagat's special attacks. In Street Fighter V it is his first V-Skill.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter Alpha series Super Combo Quarter-circle forward + Taunt
Street Fighter IV EX Special Quarter-circle backwardQuarter-circle backward + Punch
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition EX Special Quarter-circle backwardQuarter-circle backward + Kick
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition V-Skill Medium punch+Medium kick


It costs one bar on the Super Combo Gauge (an EX bar in Street Fighter IV). Sagat clutches at the scar on his chest as it glows, and freezes the action momentarily.

The "attack" does nothing on its own, as once Sagat clutches at his scar, the action continues as normal. However, the next Tiger Uppercut Sagat uses will be powered up. It has minimal recovery time and can be used in combos.[1]


In Street Fighter V, this attack becomes Sagat's V-Skill. While this move takes about 55-frames to activate, it powers up his next Tiger Uppercut. Not only the enhanced Tiger Uppercut inflicts more damage and stun, but it also rewards Sagat a generous amount of V-Meter. It also grants improved juggle opportunities, giving Sagat access to combos that can only be performed with an enhanced Tiger Uppercut. Additionally, hitting the opponent with a buffed Tiger Uppercut knocks them back even further. This allows Sagat to continue zoning out his opponent with his projectiles.

The most efficient time to perform this move is after knocking down the opponent, preferably with a regular Tiger Uppercut. This means that Sagat has to sacrifice offensive pressure and okizeme by using his V-Skill in order to receive the damage buffs and combo potential with his next Tiger Uppercut.


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