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Antarctica is a stage that appears in Street Fighter X Tekken. The penultimate boss battle in Arcade Mode takes place here, which changes depending on the tag team's leader.

If the first character selected is a Street Fighter character, the player(s) will face Jin Kazama and Ling Xiayou; if the first character is a Tekken character, they will face Juri Han and M. Bison. In any case, the opposing tag team will have the effects of Pandora activated.


Pandora-infused Juri fighting Pandora-infused Jin Kazama.

The stage itself is a massive, hovercraft-style amphibious vehicle traveling along the icy terrain of Antarctica. A second, smaller vehicle can be seen in the background, with a mammoth resurrected by Pandora chasing closely behind it.

After the first round concludes, the mammoth will catch up and knock the smaller vehicle aside, now focusing on the larger one containing the fighters. Once the fight itself ends, the mammoth will take other path and the vehicle will slow to a stop as the entire area around it becomes bright with the heavy snow. Once the snow vanishes, Pandora's Box will be visible.