Aprile (アプリーレ Apurīre?, April) is a member of the Dolls who was kidnapped and brainwashed by Shadaloo to be trained as an assassin working for M. Bison. Her name is Italian for April.


Originally from Italy, Aprile is a former gymnast who specializes in medical skills. She is the oldest member of the Dolls, being like an older sister that is trusted by the others and has a firm leadership. Because of this and that she is somewhat emotionally fragile, Aprile believes she must protect the other Dolls, having a bit too much fighting spirit. Her hair color is pinkish-red. Aprile has a younger brother named Maggio (the Italian word for May) that is searching for her, but is not aware that she is working for Shadaloo.[2] Maggio is apparently Rose's apprentice, just like Menat.


Street Fighter VEdit

A Shadow FallsEdit

In A Shadow Falls, Aprile appears in Karin's estate to rescue Marz who had been captured by Karin. To do so, she has to fight Birdie who is guarding Marz. She's defeated by Birdie, but is then saved by Noembelu who tackles Birdie and takes her and Marz back to the Shadaloo base. Aprile is seen near the end, when all the dolls return back to their normal selves after their Psycho energy is extinguished.

Character Story appearances Edit

Aprile appears in Menat's character story, and battles her when Menat invades the Shadaloo base to search for M. Bison.

Fighting StyleEdit

Aprile for the most part shares the same moves as the other dolls. What distinguishes her from the other dolls is the fact that she uses a syringe full of poison to attack her opponents, working in a similar way to F.A.N.G's poison attacks.



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