Arby (アービー?) is a Final Fight character who first appeared in the Capcom game Final Fight 3. He is one of the minor enemy characters who faces the player characters.



Arby is a heavily overweight thug who wears fingerless gloves and a sleeveless shirt with a lighter jacket and shorts. Arby has a beard and mustache and wears a bandanna on his head. He prefers to go barefoot and is never seen wearing shoes.


Arby was a drifting bouncer who often was hired for his strength and size, and was also hired by various gangs. While he took up the debts of various acquaintances, Arby fights mainly for a chance to show himself off and test his skill.

Fighting styleEdit

Arby was inspired to adopt sumo wrestling into his fighting style after watching a match on TV, although he only imitates the techniques of harite (slapping to the side of the face) and buchikamashi (a series of heavy charging and tackling, done at the start of a match). He usually moves slowly and attacks by slapping enemies at close range. However, he has a large amount of health and can close with enemies quickly when he charges in with a shoulder tackle.



Arby (FF3) Model


  • Arby is named after the roast beef sandwich food chain Arby's.


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