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Area (エリア Eria?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter EX2 Plus. She is a genius teenager, daughter of a scientific inventor, whose inventions she has modified into weapons for her own use.



Area has long blond hair tied in two braids, held by two ball-shaped hair retainers, and wears huge round eyeglasses. Her eye color is turquoise.

Her default costume is a sports outfit, consisting of a purple, black and blue short sleeve shirt with a small dark blue heart design on front, with her imprinted name at the back of the shirt, black cycling shorts with a blue trim, and purple and blue boots that resembles roller blades. She also wears black gloves. In her Shadaloo C.R I. profile artwork, she remains largely the same. The blue trims on her sports outfit is lighterm, the blue outlines of her cycling shorts gains a purple square designs in each sides and her small heart design on front of her shirt is white.

In Fighting EX Layer, her hair has a full fringe and her two braids are now adorned with four blue and cyan ribbons in each sides. She also wears eyeglasses with pink squared-lens (in her CGI appearance, they appear to be red). Her outfit has a different shade of purple. Black and pink short sleeved sports suit with metal designs and purple bulkier gloves. Her bionic arm Cancer is modified with digital properties and is bulkier in appearance.


Area is curious, enthusiastic, eccentric, clueless and "a little crazy". It is said that Area has an intellect far superior to that of her father and has far surpassed his inventive abilities. However, she is arrogant to fighters who don't use technology, considering them inferior, and her ending in Street Fighter EX3 questions her sanity. She loves robots.

In Fighting EX Layer, her win animations shows her love of her own inventions, like when she hugs her bionic arm. Area's inventions are able to socialize with her and imitating her childish tendencies whenever she taunts on a opponent.


Street Fighter EX series[]


Area is the daughter of a very wealthy and creative inventor, and is in fact testing two of his latest inventions: rocket skates and a giant mechanical arm, codenamed Cancer (キャンサー Kyansā?). She enters fighting tournaments in order to obtain data on various different martial artist's fighting styles, as well as to attract attention to her father's inventions. Dismayed by his daughter's penchant for martial arts combat, her father figures if he cannot dissuade her from entering tournaments, the least he can do is equip her with the latest in technological design to give her an edge.

As a fighter, Area doesn't detest the enhancements, and in fact embraces them, considering those who fight without technology to be primitive brutes. Not content to simply accept the inventions her father makes for her, she constantly tweaks and improves upon them between fights to her liking. She arrives into battle with mechanized roller blades and a mini-rocket launcher on her arm.

Most fighters who are pitted against her don't know which is more bizarre: her equipment, or her lust for battle at such a young age. Area is quick to prove that her technology is not something to be taken lightly, but she lacks the raw strength and talent that many more experienced fighters possess. While she could use her equipment as a blunt clubbing weapon, she is careful not to damage the delicate components that they are made out of. She finds herself easily overwhelmed by opponents who are not impressed with all of her gadgets.


Street Fighter EX2 Plus[]

"I'm home!" The girl was greeted by a ringing telephone while entering the store. Area picks up the nearby telephone receiver.
"The complete set of 'Cancer'? We got it! Thank you for your purchase!"

Street Fighter EX3[]

Area was still under the wrong impression that all the fighters were actually a group of battle robots. Happy with her victory she says, "Gotcha! Let me see... the main materials of these robots are water, protein and... Hey?! Doesn't that match up with that of a human? I can't believe this!!" However Area is too excited to grasp her misunderstanding of the situation and instead goes further into denial over what she has done...

Other appearances[]

Fighting EX Layer[]

Area in Fighting EX Layer

Area was announced as one of the DLC characters along with Sharon, Pullum Purna and Vulcano Rosso. She was first seen during the EVO 2018 trailer.

She is currently planned for a June or July 2019 release.[2]

After defeating Pullum Purna in battle, Area reacts towards most people about her senses in 10 years ahead within the rest of the world as well as she planned to promote some futuristic but fashionable sporty attires with her inventions. Area also states that she was only kidding about her promotion of her outfits.


Fighting Style[]


Area relies of using her mechanical bionic arm, Cancer whenever she unleashes her special attacks. But it is also shown to be detachable, showing her right hand after executing her special attacks or her Super Combos. Her style are more focused on the kicks as seen on one of her Super Combos or her special attacks.

In Fighting EX Layer, she retains all of her moves in the Street Fighter EX series, her Humming Rush is now slower to execute due to her bionic Cancer became bulkier and can also be blocked by the opponent due to its slow movement until it launches back into her upward and also happens when she combos her opponent between this move and Cancer Shell. Her Great Cancer Super Combo now dealing critical damage when she combos her opponent even using her Air Great Cancer in mid-air. Her Five Star Raid now have large golden star effects during execution.

Normal throws

  • Transmissionneutral throw. Area grabs the opponent by their legs and flings them across to the other side of the screen using her bionic arm.
  • O.C.R - directional throw, She kicks the opponent down to the ground and then skates over them.

Unique Attacks

  • Head Crush - double hammer punch in the air.
  • Shift Stamp Punch - Area skates forward with a low punch.
  • Shift Club Upper - skates forward and uppercuts
  • Shift Club Straight - a quick straight jab.
  • Job Step - jumping sobat kick. She is considered airborne during this attack, meaning it will go over low attacks and also beat throws.
  • Pulldown Leg- high angle axe kick, overhead attack.

Special Attacks

  • Humming Rush - advancing gut punches. LP version advances the furthest and the last hit can connect if executed from 3/4 of the screen, 3 hits. MP version advances forward slightly and does 4 hits. HP she stays idle but connects with 5 hits.
    • Cancer Shell - when executed on the final hit of Humming Rush, she will electrocute the opponent. This also closes the distance between Area and her opponent - useful for knockdown tactics.
  • Jackson Kick - Area steps forward with a toe kick. Mid-range attack which can be followed up with other attacks.
    • Pop-Up Knee - a launching knee strike that leaves the opponent open to a juggle attack.
    • Partition Break - thrust kick which causes a knockdown
    • Pulldown Heel - does not combo but she transitions into her overhead axe kick normal.
  • Alternative Catch - throw. Area leaps forward towards the opponents neck and then flies over them.
    • Front - instead of switching sides with the opponent, Area double stomps the opponents chest and knocks them down. This keeps Area on the same side of the screen.
    • Rear - Area double stomps the opponents back and knocks them down. This allows Area to switch sides with the opponent.
  • Emulator - absorbs and reflects projectiles. She will hold her bionic arm up and if the opponent is close enough, it will also electrocute them.
  • Upload - air attack where Area will shoot her bionic arm mid-air. The missile pauses momentarily before shooting directly up and off the screen. The button command can be held to delay the attack . Area loses her bionic arm momentarily.
  • Download - Area punches her bionic arm underground momentarily before it shoots directly above. If the button command is held, the player can move the missile horizontally across the screen and release the missile in their desired location.

Super Combos

  • Great Cancer - a multi-hitting electric attack using her bionic arm. The move can also be charged for more hits and damage.
    • Air Great Cancer - an air version of the attack. It cannot be charged.
  • Five Star Raid - Area performs an up kick with launches the opponent and she proceeds to juggle them in the air.

Meteor Combo

  • Final Cancer - a larger scale variation of Great Cancer except her bionic arm now grows to a large size and the attack advances her across the entire screen.


  • Area has been compared to Precis F. Neumann from Star Ocean 2: Second Story and its remake Star Ocean: Second Evolution. Both girls have fathers who love to make inventions and likes to craft their inventions such as boots and mechanical arm as their main weapon and equipment respectively.
    • Both girls also use their mechanical arm as their main weapon during battles. Area's mechanical arm appears to be bionic. But in Precis' case her mechanical arm is strapped on her backpack when using her Rocket Fist.
    • In Fighting EX Layer, Her Humming Rush roughly resembles Precis' Rocket Fist due to it's slower execution.
  • März, member of the Dolls, shares some similarities with Area: both are geek-looking fighters, wearing eye glasses, specialized in technology.
  • She bears a striking resemblance to Dolly, a minor character in the 1979 007 movie Moonraker. Both have the same hairstyle, hair color and eye color, and both wear eye glasses.

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