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Assault Blade is one of Cammy's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter 6.

Classic Arcade-Stick-Left+Arcade-Button-HKick
Modern Arcade-Stick-Left+Modern H


"A launching kick that can be canceled into special moves. It can be jumped out of on hit."
Street Fighter 6

Cammy performing Assault Blade.

Executed by pressing back and Heavy Kick (or back and Heavy Attack for Modern Control), Cammy performs a high spinning heel kick.


Assault Blade is one of Cammy's anti-air attacks to stop her opponent's jump-in attempts. It is effective against shallow jump-ins or cross-up attempts since the hitbox of this move travels almost directly above Cammy. It also had a 9-frame startup, which is slightly slower compared to her Lift Uppercut. However, Assault Blade gives Cammy more follow-ups on hit. She can jump cancel on hit and continue the combo with Jumping Medium Punch. It also gives her better okizeme. She can also cancel into Spin Drive Smasher to inflict more damage and push the opponent closer to the corner. Hitting the opponent with Assault Blade on Drive Rush launches them higher into the air, resulting in more combo potential and optimal damage.


  • Assault Blade has the same animation as Cammy's Standing Heavy Kick in Street Fighter V. It also functions similarly if she gets an airborne Crush Counter hit with it.