Asuka SFV

Asuka concept art

Asuka (飛鳥 Asuka?) is a character concept designed for Street Fighter V, that ended up being unused. An Aikido practitioner from Japan, Asuka was scrapped due to there being too many Japanese characters.[1]



Asuka is a young Japanese woman with long black hair. Both of her concept designs had her barefoot and wearing a black hakama. In her first concept, she wore a white headband with a red spot in the middle akin to the Japanese flag, black wristbands, and a white sarashi covering her chest and breasts. In her second concept, she had a different hairstyle and a white long-sleeved aikidōgi with a black undershirt. A small picture in the right showed her with a Noh oni mask.

Fighting styleEdit

Asuka would've been an old-fashioned Aikido practicioner, using her opponent's strength against them.


  • Asuka bears a resemblance to Hokuto in terms of design.
  • She also bears a resemblance to Asuka Kazama (from the Tekken series) in the latter's Player 1 costume (from Tekken 5 and 6).