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World Warrior Attract Mode

An Attract Mode is an aesthetic feature in Street Fighter games.


Attract modes were created in the arcade era of Street Fighter as a means to (as the name states) attract passerbys and get them to play said game. In the arcade games, Cross Overs such as Marvel Vs Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken also tend to have these features. Attract modes can have the following features.

  • The game introduction.
  • A main title screen stating the name of the game as well as other information (such as copyright).
  • Music intended to be associated with the game or the series.
  • 2 characters fighting to show off gameplay.
  • The High Scores of the game.

M. Bison battling Jedah from Darkstalkers in the Attract Mode of Capcom Fighting Evolution.

Home console versions also tend to have attract modes despite not taking quarters. In these cases sometimes (but not always) extra information is provided. In the Street Fighter II games for 16 bit consoles for example, the attract mode alternates between giving additional information of a character such as height and weight.


  • Chun-Li has always had her weight shrouded in mystery in informational attract mode sequences, usually listed her weight as "???" or "Secret". This is also a recurring gag in the games, as characters such as Jack X in Street Fighter X Tekken starts listing information about Chun-Li and the text ends after he says "weight" (similarly to his win quote against Poison how his text ends after saying "Gender"). This running gag probably comes from the saying that "you never ask a woman her weight" that was at its height when the Street Fighter CPS1 games were released. Interestingly this has only applied to Chun-Li and no other character after her, including other females.
    • After Chun-Li, in the Universal Fight System card game both Karin and Ibuki had had their weight hidden (though revealed in games) while other females like R. Mika have that information revealed.
  • The home versions of Street Fighter V and its updated versions do not have attract modes.
  • The CPS2 editions of Street Fighter II actually interrupt their own attract mode fights with the "Here Comes a New Challenger!" warning to go from the original two opponents to one of the original fighters go against a new opponent.
  • The game's high scores tend to have a female character in third place for the default rankings, for example in the Alpha games Chun-Li tends to have high score number 3 and in the Street Fighter III games Ibuki had the honor.
    • This trend is broken in 3rd Strike, where Chun-Li has the number 1 high score and Ibuki isn't in the front page.
  • The Playstation 3 version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 removes the attract mode alongside most visuals that were in the bootup of the home console and arcade versions, instead it has it's own unique menu that it uses and goes straight into when started.
  • As Street Fighter V doesn't have an attract mode and only supports player vs player or player vs AI, there is no way to see an AI vs AI battle in said game.