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For the Rival Schools Avatar, see Avatar (Rival Schools).

The Avatar (アバター, Abatā), also referred to as the Fighter, is a custom fighting game character from the Street Fighter series, and the main protagonist in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode.



By default, mostly seen in World Tour gameplay trailers, the Avatar's appearance is that of young black man with a similar hairstyle to Sean, and wears red gloves and sneakers, white training pants and a blue training jacket.

However, the Avatar's appearance, gender, voice and clothing can be changed, dependent upon the player's choices. When players starts the World Tour gameplay for the first time, the Avatar starts from wearing Buckler training uniform consists yellow gloves, white jersey, and orange training pants.


While the Avatar's personality is also determined by player choice to an extent (particularly in the form of dialogue choices and emotes), the Avatar's storyline personality remains largely consistent. They are fearless, brash and eager to increase and test their strength. They will also step in to defend or save others (in particular, their overarching mission in World Tour mode is to save their fellow student, Bosch). It's remarked upon by other NPCs that the Avatar refuses to give up or take no for an answer and does not think before acting, but remains kind, compassionate and eager to learn. They also show clear disdain when asked or forced to commit immoral actions by others, to the point that Thrasher Damnd sought other means to ensure their compliance. Manon and Juri also feel that the Avatar is rather naive and easy to seduce or deceive.

Character Relationships[]

Friends and Allies[]


Bosch initially has a frictional relationship with the Avatar, attacking them out of nowhere in frustration of Luke's coaching taking longer than expected. In early missions, he seems to form a friendly bond with the Avatar -- enough that when Bosch gets into serious trouble later, he makes multiple attempts to keep the Avatar from suffering the repercussions, while the Avatar nonetheless continues their attempts to track him down and rescue him.


Li-Fen is the Avatar's fellow student under Chun-Li, and sees them as an older sibling, eager to help and ask for favors in kind. She is close enough to the Avatar that Thrasher Damnd kidnapped her in an attempt to extort the Avatar into performing missions for the Mad Gear Gang.


In general, every Master becomes close to the Avatar on a personal level -- especially as their favorability levels increase. Most quickly begin to treat them as a close friend and confidant, telling the Avatar many things about their pasts or personal interests that they haven't told anyone else. Some Masters also become overly-attached and often even flirt heavily (regardless of gender).


Luke is the Avatar's first Master and coach, and the one who gets them acquainted at the beginning of their pursuit of strength at his gym at Buckler security. He sees great potential in them and looks after them like an older brother. Luke shares with the Avatar of his past from how he became the fighter he is to now.


Chun-Li is the second Master whom the Avatar meets in Metro City's Chinatown, and she is very open towards them, seeing them as one of her most promising students. She prefers to keep their relationship less formal than most Master-Student bonds, and will often open up to them about her private interests and feelings. Chun-Li shares with the Avatar her past of how she became an Interpol cop to a retired Kung Fu teacher, looking after Li-Fen.


The Avatar encounters Marisa in Italy, where she steps in and rescues them from her approaching lion companion, Lucien. She takes an immediate liking to the Avatar and trains them as a Master, regarding them as her "second student" after Lucien. She later asks for their help in deciding between two suitors her grandmother sent her to choose for marriage, asking them to fight each and gauge their strength. In the end, though, Marisa herself winds up choosing both suitors and also extends an invitation to the Avatar (regardless of gender) as presumably a third marriage candidate.


The Avatar first meets Juri at King Street in England as she intercepts Bosch as he tries to escape with the Mad Gear's stolen bag and bring it back to the Nayshall resistance. Her attack causes Bosch to drop the bag and spill the money it contained, thus rendering Bosch's mission a failure. Bosch and the Avatar both attempt to fight Juri at once, but are easily outmatched by her nonetheless. Juri cannot seriously harm Bosch as her employers want him back alive, but since nothing was said about the Avatar, Juri intended to kill them. Instead, Bosch offers to come with her peacefully in exchange for leaving the Avatar alone, stating the Avatar just came by to return something to him. She forces Bosch onto her bike and the two take off, with the Avatar left behind.

The Avatar eventually finds Juri again in an alley in Old Nayshall later on and fights her, refusing to stop fighting until Juri becomes amused enough by the Avatar's improvised mimicry of her style that she becomes the Avatar's Master and teaches them her style along with sharing her past whenever she feels like it. Juri later reveals that the moves she taught the Avatar are all trash, but is surprised when to find out they knew that already and still managed to overcome it. Ultimately, Juri is pleasantly surprised to learn that teaching the Avatar wasn't the waste of time she thought, and plans to take advantage of their Master-Student relationship to get up to mischief in the future.


The Avatar meets Lily at the Thunderfoot Settlement in Mexico with a misunderstanding and she mistakes them for an "evil spirit" as said by the tribe's eldest shaman, Singing Wolf. She realizes her mistake after a battle and accepts the Avatar's request to become her student. She warns, however, that she herself is still unproven as she hopes to one day measure up to T. Hawk, her tribe's greatest hero.


The Avatar first meets Blanka at the Ranger's Hut in Brazil as he first sees him in his "Blanka-chan" costume. The Avatar tries to attack him but Blanka proves too nimble to be caught, ultimately electrocuting the Avatar and temporarily flees the scene. Moments later, he reappears without his costume and asks them if they're ok. Blanka shares with the Avatar his past from then to now, as well his friendship with Dan.

Dee Jay[]

The Avatar meets Dee Jay at a party on Bathers Beach in Jamaica, where he's serving as the DJ. He spots the Avatar as the only person not smiling in the crowd, and later approaches them to show them how to incorporate rhythm and dancing into a fight. Afterwards, he is impressed enough by their (dancing) skill to take them as a student.


The Avatar meets Manon at Fête Foraine in Paris, France when her manager casts them (without their knowledge) as an extra in a film she's shooting, and Manon after fighting them is impressed by the Avatar's fighting potential and decides to take them on as her student although she is very harsh about their appearance and fashion sense. Manon is surprised to learn that she is not the Avatar's only "Master" and questions how someone can choose to train under so many complete strangers. The Avatar can outright ask to go out with Manon and she will teasingly state that she can only date someone who has practiced their ukemi well enough that they can keep up with her throws.


The Avatar meets Cammy during the former's second visit to King Street in search for Bosch. She stalks the Avatar from the shadows before relaying to her mission control that the Avatar is not the martial artist they're looking for. When approached by the Avatar afterwards, she apologizes for watching them and is surprised when the Avatar asks to become her student. She can become visibly flustered if the Avatar chooses more "flirty" dialogue options and is uncomfortable with being called their "Master".


The Avatar first meets Jamie in Chinatown directly after beating up a small gang of upstart thugs, and he briefly mistakes the Avatar as one among their number. But he quickly apologizes for his mistake and invites them to meet again. He accepts the Avatar as his student, sharing a cup of his family's herbal drink with them and tells them that they'll be able to brag of the honor someday. The two also share about his time with his cousins - Yun & Yang.


Ken meets the Avatar at the SiRN construction site in Metro City after rescuing them from a falling cement bag after the Avatar in turn saved one of Ken's coworkers from falling steel beams during a workplace accident. Ken is impressed by their fearlessness, but is later exasperated when the Avatar recognizes him as the former National Champion and asks to be his student. He refuses to train them at first, but relents after the Avatar continuously refuses to take "No" for an answer, reminding Ken of his younger self. While praising their ability to act without thinking, Ken also admonishes them for not knowing when is the right time to do so, saying that their attitude reminds him of a former student of his. He reveals the reason behind his recent situations because JP framed him for the incident at Nayshall. Worried about his family and company's safeties, Ken entrusts the Avatar to keep an eye on them, especially on protecting his son, Mel from groups of thugs who still believes in JP's lies.

E. Honda[]

The Avatar meets E. Honda at the opening of his restaurant at Metro City and asks to become the student of the legendary sumo wrestler. They have a sumo bout in which Honda soundly thrashes the Avatar but encourages them to use their losses to grow stronger.


The Avatar meets Ryu at Genbu Temple in Japan, where Ryu is practicing katas and meditating. Ryu rejects their offer to become his student, but still accepts a spar and says that while he does not take on students himself, he is not opposed to mutual training and sparring. As such, Ryu unofficially becomes one of the Avatar's "Masters".


The Avatar first meets Guile on Carrier Byron Tyler off the coast of the USA, where he helps the Avatar destroy a rogue cleaning robot by delivering the finishing blow. After a time, they have a sparring match with Guile on the defensive but the Avatar ultimately overextends and is defeated by Guile via a well placed Sonic Boom from him. Guile then harshly instructs the Avatar that you must never lose sight of your enemy in battle. Guile opens up to the Avatar about various topics, including his family, his history with Charlie and taking down Shadaloo, and his growing concern over the mechanization of the military.


The Avatar first encounters Kimberly within the SiRN Building in Metro City, which they are both investigating. She watches the Avatar from afar and is forced to expose herself when the Avatar almost trips an alarm. She berates them for interfering with her investigation and tries to force them to leave, but relents when their battle results in a draw. Later, she becomes available as a Master, teaching the Avatar her techniques but also trolling them into jumping off of a rooftop that's beyond their abilities. She teaches the Avatar Bushinryu techniques but warns that even if they master everything she's taught, she can't officially induct them into Bushinryu without approval from headquarters. She also learns of the Avatar's dealings with the Mad Gear Gang and tests their loyalty by having them beat up some gang members, happy to know that they're on her side.


Zangief meets the Avatar at Barmaley Steelworks in Russia shortly after a bout with his two subordinates, and offers to train them. Zangief's training is tough and brutal, but he encourages the Avatar to push through it for "good things". Those "good things" turn out to be more weight added to the training.


The Avatar meets Dhalsim at Dhalsimer Temple in India, where he saves the Avatar from being trampled by an angered elephant, showing the impressive power of Yoga. He then senses that the Avatar is there to train and begins to teach them. He urges the Avatar to be patient in their study of Yoga, and warns them that strength and power are not to be used for the wrong methods.


The Avatar meets Rashid while being requested by the latter to film his battle against Bao, whom the former befriend with in the day where a "fighter hunter" (Psycho Power infused Bosch in disguise) first met. How the Avatar and Rashid first met begins during a nighttime where the former was send by the latter's servant and martial arts teacher, Azam to find him. On the next day in daytime where Rashid and the Avatar switch places between camera person and stunt performer roles, Rashid is inspired by how the Avatar balances on the parkour moves and wind abilities they copied from him, and the current video performed by the Avatar proves to be a great for training education.


The Avatar meets A.K.I. at Tian Hong Yuan in China, where she counter poisoned a pickpocket thief whom he thought her poison pills he stole from her to be money behind her back. As she was about to kill the thief, the Avatar begs her not to kill him, which she did, but awaken the thief into a weakened state as he left. Prior to their first encounter with A.K.I., the Avatar begins with a request from Lan Bao at Metro City Chinatown to buy an energy drink to heal her fatigued bones, find A.K.I.'s master, F.A.N.G at the city's Urban Park for a medicine to heal her backpain, where he send him with a list to find A.K.I. for the missing ingredients at China. As a gratitude, A.K.I. grants the Avatar a poison ability then gift them herbal pills and other ingredients for Lan Bao. After becoming A.K.I.'s student, the Avatar is requested by her to let her master F.A.N.G know that JP left him behind from being part of the scheme on reviving Shadaloo and currently planning to use Ed as his puppet leader.


The Avatar meets Ed at Metro City subway, where the latter is in pursuit by the Cardboard Box masked Shadaloo remnants. Out of the subway car, the Avatar meets with Ed, but gets scared thinking that Ed would fight them. They would they fight together against the gangsters. Reluctant, Ed takes the Avatar under his wing in his style of fighting. He even shares with the Avatar his past life: his origin, how he was raised by Balrog & started forming Neo Shadaloo.


When the Avatar first met Akuma at Enma's Hollow, they are initially scared of his tremendous power. Ultimately, this leads the Avatar to seek Retsu, Ryu and Luke for their advices, which eventually led Akuma to take the Avatar as a disciple upon seeing them laugh in defeat than being afraid of him.

M. Bison[]










The Avatar only meets JP twice in the World Tour story, but the second encounter cemented JP as a hated enemy. JP, on the other hand, sees the Avatar as insignificant but recognizes them on their initial encounter as an entrant/winner of a previous tournament, But he can't be bothered to recall their name. JP later attempts to kill the Avatar and several innocent people via a bomb. Bosch grabs it, but the time runs out and it detonates in his hand and kills him. JP mocks Bosch's sacrifice while letting the Avatar know that they are also inadvertently responsible. He continues to say that since their first meeting the Avatar had raised JP's suspicions and allowed him to find the bomb he set off. JP then turns and walks away but is stopped by the Avatar, enraged and with the intent to avenge their fallen friend. He casually knocks them back with his cane before sighing and accepting the battle. He continues to mock the Avatar even after his defeat, calling their efforts meaningless and their victory hollow and bursts into laughter. Despite this, JP can later be approached as a Master, and he gives the Avatar Psycho Power, warning them of his inexperience with the procedure.

Thrasher Damnd[]

Damnd is a recurring antagonist for the Avatar in World Tour mode, being the leader of the Mad Gear Gang faction which antagonizes both them and Bosch. He admires the Avatar's strength, wishing to put it to use for the gang rather than against it. To this end, he attempts to employ numerous underhanded methods, in particular kidnapping Li-Fen in an attempt to force the Avatar's compliance. The two are forced to work as reluctant allies during the Old Nayshall portion of World Tour mode.


Rudra is the leader of the Crows -- a rival gang to Mad Gear. He comes into conflict with both Damnd and the Avatar when only one person can represent Metro City and both gangs want to do so. He challenges the Avatar and Damnd to a team battle, including the himself, his subordinate Chandi and two others versus the Avatar, Damnd and two fighters of the Avatar's choice. After being defeated by the Avatar, Rudra is later found in Old Nayshall in severe depression; he will challenge both the Avatar and his subordinate Chandi to a fight, whereupon he confesses that he hasn't felt confident in his leadership due to his lack of strength. Chandi changes his mind, saying that the Crows follow him because he cares about them as people, not because he's strong. This gives Rudra his confidence back, although he vows not to accept his loss to the Avatar and that he will challenge them again someday.


Street Fighter 6[]

World Tour[]

The Avatar begins in Metro City as a complete novice fighter, having never undergone formal training but with enough latent potential to copy Luke's basic style. Shortly into their training, they meet Luke's other student Bosch, and despite a brisk first meeting which ends in a draw, a kinship quickly forms. Luke assigns the two the task of exploring Metro City and challenging various people to gain firsthand combat experience, as well as seeking out other Masters to train under.

Thing take a turn when Bosch, who is impatient and desperate to grow strong quickly, interferes in an exchange between the Mad Gear Gang and another then-unknown party. Bosch suddenly goes missing with a stolen bag, and Eliza presses the Avatar into retrieving it. The Avatar, meanwhile, only wishes to find Bosch for his own safety, bringing them into conflict with Thrasher Damnd. The Avatar catches up to Bosch briefly in England, only for both of them to be defeated by Juri Han, who nearly kills the Avatar before Bosch interrupts by saying the Avatar is uninvolved and offering to comply without resistance in exchange for the Avatar's safety. Before Bosch leaves, however, he passes the Avatar a strange computer drive.

From there, the Avatar searches for clues to Bosch's whereabouts, assisted primarily by Li-Fen, who is used to doing this sort of work previously for Chun-Li. Her intel brings the Avatar in contact with someone only called by the alias "Asterisk", who drip-feeds the Avatar enough intel on Bosch and the figures behind his disappearance while the Avatar performs various tasks for them (usually involving an encounter with other famous fighters such as Guile, Ken Masters, E. Honda and Ryu). Along the way, the Avatar also enters the Novice Cup tournament in Metro City, meeting two very strong fighters named Kalima and Rewancha, but it is interrupted by a bomb threat. Damnd also attempts to kidnap Li-Fen to force the Avatar to perform a task for the Mad Gears, but relents after being defeated.

Eventually, the trail leads the Avatar to Old Nayshall, where it is revealed that Bosch was a member of the local resistance movement against mysterious powers that exploit the country and its people for nefarious ends with the use of Psycho Power. The resistance tasks the Avatar with several secret objectives, which are interrupted at numerous times by a mysterious box-headed assailant infused with Psycho Power who has been assaulting other competitors in the tournament, infamously known as the "Cardboard Combatant". After earning the trust of the resistance, the Avatar is told about another tournament, where they have the opportunity to serve as Metro City's representative. To ensure this, the Avatar once again seeks out Damnd, where the two form an alliance so that the Avatar enters representing both Metro City and the Mad Gear Gang. During this time, the Avatar also meets Bosch's sister Yua, who is worried about her older brother's well-being.

After the qualifiers, the ceremony is interrupted by the "Cardboard Combatant". The Avatar extends a hand to shake, but the Cardboard Combatant blows them off and leaves. Upon returning to Metro City, the Avatar receives a text message that references the beginning of the story where Bosch and the Avatar ate pizza on Beat Square. Following the lead to the top of the SiRN building, the Avatar encounters the box-headed fighter and the two ultimately strike each other simultaneously, knocking the box off of the now unmasked fighter's head. It's revealed that the "Cardboard Combatant" is none other than Bosch himself. He then reveals that he and the resistance have been attempting to disrupt the various tournaments which Neo Shadaloo has been using to launder money from gang and terrorist activities. Returning to Nayshall, the Avatar meets Kalima and Rewancha, revealing that they high-ranked members of the resistance. They further state that the bag Bosch stole before contained a lot of that money, but the plan failed when Juri intervened, and so Bosch willingly allowed himself to succumb to Psycho Power infusion to become strong enough to assassinate the leader of the terrorist group, JP.

Kalima tasks the Avatar with retrieving several electronic components before revealing that said components were for making a bomb and its safety pin which are attached to the championship belt JP will present to the winner of the tourney. The resistance elects not to use the safety pin, planning to allow Bosch to blow himself up alongside JP. The Avatar takes back the pin from Rewancha by force and attempts to reinstall it on the championship belt, but is interrupted by the appearance of JP himself, who menacingly tells the Avatar to leave.

The final tournament begins with fanfare and ceremony, including a dance performance by several of Nayshall's native dancing girls, including Yua. The Avatar fights through the tournament with the intention of winning and disarming the bomb before anyone gets hurt. Before the final match, Bosch comes to the Avatar to warn them that he will not be in control during the match due to the Psycho Power infusion, but the Avatar reassures him and temporarily brings Bosch back to his senses. After the final match, JP makes his appearance to award the winner with the belt, but suddenly decides to allow Yua to present it to the winner instead -- activating the bomb (with no means to disarm it without the safety pin) to ensure that Yua and all three finalists perish. Bosch rushes forward and takes the bomb from Yua and runs from the podium, sacrificing himself so that only he is killed by the blast.

As a distraught Avatar kneels before Bosch's charred remains, JP mocks Bosch's sacrifice as meaningless and informs the Avatar that their meeting earlier tipped JP off that something was amiss with the belt. He turns to leave, glad that the belt was able to offer him some "amusement". The Avatar attacks JP, who sighs and engages them in the final battle. Upon defeat, JP asks the Avatar if they're satisfied and whether they believe this victory will change anything. He falls back to the ground laughing as he declares that all of this means absolutely nothing.

In the post-credits scene, Luke speaks with the Avatar on the phone and asks if their journey is over. The avatar shakes their head and Luke tells them he figured as much, as once it's begun, the journey to find strength is endless.



Fighting Style[]

According to various Masters (in particular, Luke, Guile, Manon and Dhalsim), the Avatar is a rare genius gifted with the ability to copy any move or ability after seeing it only once, making them an ideal and appealing student. However, this also results in a major weakness: their imitated skills are usually sloppier and more unrefined than the fighters who developed them, and the cobbled-together moves often have little synergy. As such, the Avatar requires much more rigorous training and experience than the average fighter in order to polish what they learn into something useful. Likewise, dojo and gym training is far less useful for them than usual, as they grow much faster from live battle.

The Avatar's initial fighting style is based on Luke, their first Master. From there, they can fully or partially adopt the fighting style of any Master they choose...although their normal moveset will always be a copy of another character's. Initially, the Avatar can only learn one or two of any Master's Special Moves, but can add more as they level up in any particular style and expend skill points for more Special Move slots. The Avatar also begins the World Tour mode unable to use the Drive System at all, including OD Moves, Drive Parry, Drive Rush, Drive Reversal and Drive Impact.

Their overall stats (punch damage, vitality, drive and super gauge capacity, etc.) are dependent on equipment, stat boosts and various buffs (both temporary and permanent), making some moves more or less proportionately powerful than the original Master's. As the Avatar's height and body proportions are also customizable, this can likewise affect their hitboxes and hurtboxes.


The Avatar's primary fighting style is a complete copy of the normal moves of whatever Master they've chosen. The player can also choose to turn off any number of that moveset's Unique Attacks.

Their Special Moves and Super Arts are determined by the number of slots they have available, in addition to the command Inputs of the ability. For example, the Avatar cannot have both Flash Knuckle and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, as they both utilize the same "Quarter-Circle Back" input motion. Double/Triple-button specials (such as Double Lariat and Yoga Teleport) are also mutually-exclusive to each other. Any number of special moves of differing motions can be utilized concurrently, presuming that the Avatar has enough slots for both grounded and aerial abilities.

For instance, an Avatar with all 8 filled ground slots could utilize Ryu's Hadoken, Marisa's Phalanx, Luke's Flash Knuckle, Zangief's Screw Piledriver, Dee Jay's Air Slasher, Guile's Somersault, Kimberly's Shuriken Bomb/Genius at Play, and Manon's Manège Doré. Their 3 aerial slots could likewise be filled by Cammy's Cannon Strike, Zangief's Borscht Dynamite and Lily's Condor Dive.

Super Arts are somewhat different, in that all are executed with their usual motion plus Jab/Short, Straight/Forward and Fierce/Roundhouse for Level 1, 2 or 3 Arts respectively, allowing for overlapping motion inputs. Thus, their moveset could consist of Super Arts such as Chun-Li's Kikosho, Juri's Feng Shui Engine, and JP's Interdiction.

The Avatar also has access to "Master Actions", which are specific learned Special Moves that can be used on the Overworld for either destroying obstructions or initiating combat on NPCs. Some Master Actions, such as Spinning Bird Kick or Rising Uppercut, can even be used as movement abilities to float or jump to areas otherwise unreachable.


Other Appearances[]

You've Got This, Juri![]

The avatar is a recurring character in this webcomic series.

It appears in its default appearance as Juri's apprentice, and as a recurring gag, he always find a way to either put Juri into trouble and/or annoy her.




  • The Street Fighter Avatar is similar in concept to Ace, being a customizable fighter who can use other characters' moves. However, the Street Fighter Avatar's customization concept is much more similar to the Rival Schools Avatar/"Student", due to also customizing fighters' appearances, voices and clothing, alongside using other characters' moves.