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Ayutthaya Ruins (アユタヤ遺跡 Ayutaya Iseki?) is a stage that is located in the country of Thailand that appeared as Sagat's stage in Street Fighter II. It was renamed King's Court and later returned as a DLC stage in Street Fighter V.


The area contains a giant reclining Buddha statue surrounded by other temples and ancient structures. The statue itself is a stylized and restored version of the original Wat Lokayasutharam reclining Buddha in the Ayutthaya Historical Park in Thailand.

Street Fighter II[]

Ayutthaya Ruins Sagat

Ayutthaya Ruins in Super Street Fighter II

During his hard training to prepare for the next time he faces Ryu or Ken, Sagat used the ancient Ayutthaya Ruins for zazen and spiritual training. Hearing about Sagat's strength, a fighter appeared to challenge him, and Sagat saw it as an opportunity to test his abilities.[1]

In World Warrior, the statue appears white with a palm tree decorating the area. Champion Edition recolored the statue into a bronze tone and the palm tree in the foreground is missing. In Super Street Fighter, the statue retains its bronze color, but the background setting reveals a more detailed landscape of the Ayutthaya ruins over a red sunset.

Street Fighter Alpha 2[]


Ayutthaya Ruins in Street Fighter Alpha 2

Ayutthaya Ruins returns as Sagat's stage.[2] This time, the statue looks larger than its predecessor and contains some pillars scattered in the area.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition[]

The stage is renamed the King's Court and retains most of the details from the original World Warrior version, including the missing palm tree.



  • The Ayutthaya Ruins (and by extension, the particular Reclining Buddha) is based on the ruins of Lokaya Sutharam Temple (วัดโลกยสุธาราม - WatLokayasutharam), Ayutthaya and is a part of UNESCO world heritage site.
  • In Street Fighter II, the pagoda buildings in the background resembles the Burma (Ancient Myanmar) style Pagoda instead of Siamese style. This is incorrect as at the time of temple's construction in 14th centuries A.D., Siam has already gained a distinct architectural style that set itself apart from the Khmer Empire and the Burma Empire in which it draws culture and religions from. This is corrected in Street Fighter V.