Ayutthaya Ruins as it appears in Super Street Fighter II

Ayutthaya Ruins (アユタヤ遺跡 Ayutaya Iseki?) is a location in Thailand that appeared as Sagat's stage.

Description[edit | edit source]

The area contains a giant reclining Buddha statue surrounded by other temples and ancient structures. The statue itself is a stylized and restored version of the original Wat Lokayasutharam reclining Buddha in the Ayutthaya Historical Park in Thailand.

Street Fighter II[edit | edit source]

During his hard training to prepare for the next time he faces Ryu or Ken, Sagat used the ancient Ayutthaya Ruins for zazen and spiritual training. Hearing about Sagat's strength, a fighter appeared to challenge him, and Sagat saw it as an opportunity to test his abilities.[1]

In World Warrior, the statue appears white with a palm tree decorating the area. Champion Edition recolored the statue into a bronze tone and the palm tree in the foreground is missing. In Super Street Fighter, the statue remains with the bronze color but the background setting reveals a more detailed landscape of the Ayutthaya ruins over a red sunset.

Street Fighter Alpha 2[edit | edit source]

Ayutthaya Ruins in Street Fighter Alpha 2

Ayutthaya Ruins returns as Sagat's stage.[2] This time, the statue looks larger than its predecesor and contains some pillars scattered in the area.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition[edit | edit source]

The stage is renamed the King's Court, and retains most of the details from the original World Warrior version, including the missing palm tree.

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