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Azam (アザム Azamu?) is a non-playable character introduced in Street Fighter V. He is Rashid's attendant, travelling with him and acting as Rashid's butler, bodyguard, and trainer.


Azam doesn't talk much about his past, but it is rumored that he and Rashid are nobility from a now defunct kingdom from the desert.[1]

In the past, Azam was an excellent pro wrestler and is good friends with Zangief. He later became the advisor of a group known as the "Muscle Soul Fighters Club", which Zangief and Laura are part of. He also gives advice on how to be a great butler and serve one's master, with Shibasaki considering him a legendary butler. Azam is also acquainted with Ortho K. Gotch.

When Rashid starts travelling the world, Azam goes with his young master.

Street Fighter V[]

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Street Fighter 6[]

Azam appears in the background of Rashid's story cutscenes.

He also appears more prominently in World Tour mode, and is involved with a number of Side-Missions. He is encountered in Nayshall, and is searching for someone to star in an educational video to help butlers encourage their disheartened masters.

Azam can be fought as an opponent, and uses several of Rashid's special moves, as well as an original throw, Taniyn (テンニーン Ten'nīn?, Arabic for "dragon"), which involves him lifting the opponent and tossing them high into the air, creating a tornado in the process. The move is based off of Alexander the Grater's Tornado Slam move from Saturday Night Slam Masters.



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