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The Bandit Chain is one of Birdie's special attacks in the Street Fighter Alpha series.
All appearances Arcade Stick 360 + Arcade Button Kick


Executed by performing a full circle motion for either side and pressing kick, Birdie grabs the foe, wraps his chain around their neck, and slams them to the ground a number of times before tossing them backwards over his head. The amount of times he slams them into the ground is determined by the strength of the kick button pressed: light kick slams once, medium kick slams twice, and heavy kick slams three times.

Like E. Honda's Oicho Throw, the move is powerful, but has short range.


SFA3 V-Birdie V-ism Combos

SFA3 V-Birdie V-ism Combos

A series of V-ism Custom Combos in Street Fighter Alpha 3, with one making use of the Bandit Chain.

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