Belger (ベルガー Berugā?) is a character from the Final Fight series where he is the original leader of the Mad Gear Gang and main antagonist of the original Final Fight game. He is a ruthless crime lord who has made millions - if not billions - from his organized crime and control of Metro City.



Belger is a middle-aged man with broad shoulders, a bald scalp and an Amish-style beard. He is normally depicted without a mustache, but has one in his dialogue portrait for the GBA version of Final Fight as well as his concept art for Street Fighter V. He is usually seen wearing a dress shirt with diamond cufflinks, a bow tie, dark pants and dress shoes. He sits on a motorized wheelchair, but is perfectly capable of moving at exceptional speed without it.[1] His weapon of choice is a bowgun made of ornamented wood.


Final Fight

Belger has the Mad Gears kidnap Jessica in order to extort political favors from the mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar. However, Haggar refuses to cooperate, and instead recruits Jessica's boyfriend Cody as well as Cody's friend Guy to run the Mad Gears out of town and save Jessica. The trio eventually discovers that Belger is the leader of the Mad Gears and a fight ensues, ending with Belger being punched by Cody through a penthouse window.

Other appearances

Street Fighter cartoon series


Belger as he appears in the Street Fighter cartoon series

Belger appears in the episode titled "Final Fight", where he has Rolento kidnap Jessica. Belger uses Jessica as a hostage to prevent Haggar from having the police arrest members of the Mad Gear so they can rob a diamond store. When he meets Ryu and Ken, who are disguised as new members of the gang, Belger is quite impressed with them. Cody and Guy barge into his office and fight Belger, blowing Ryu and Ken's cover. This incarnation of Belger sits on a futuristic hovering chair equipped with twin laser blasters, among other minor weapons. Belger falls out of his building and is seen hanging on a flag pole begging for his life.

Mighty Final Fight

Here, Belger kidnaps Jessica because he is in love with her. He is portrayed as a cyborg, and attacks with several rocket punches.

Final Fight Revenge

An undead version of Belger, lacking all of his original personality, appears in Final Fight Revenge as the final opponent in the game, and is not playable. Although Zombie Belger is destroyed for good by the main heroic trio of the original Final Fight, he manages to infect Guy with a bite. Guy retreats afterwards to meditate in order to heal himself. Given that Belger is a background character in the Street Fighter series, and that Guy seems to be in perfect health in Final Fight 3  as well as all of his Street Fighter appearances, Zombie Belger may not be canon.

Zombie Belger's gameplay revolves around him being able to stretch his limbs similar to Dhalsim, giving him a great deal of attack range. He also has the ability to throw exploding organs, or completely explode in a rain of body parts for his hyper attack (only to raise himself from the ground a moment later). His other attacks include vomiting acid or biting the opponent.

An interesting twist to the fight with him was that as he took damage, his body parts would fall off and then be usable as weapons. His head, for example, behaved like a bowling ball. Beating the game without using any continues rewards players with Zombie Belger imitating the zombies in Michael Jackson's Thriller music video.


Belger makes a cameo in the Mad Gear Hideout stage of Street Fighter X Tekken as well as Ultra Street Fighter IV, beating a drum in the background.

Belger is seen as one of Abigail's customers in his Street Fighter V Arcade ladder ending in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.


  • Belger is one of the few characters to interact with his defeated opponents.
  • Some players theorize that Belger deliberately uses a wheelchair as well as a hopping motion to make himself look crippled and thus discourage his enemies from attacking him, as it would be considered uncivilized or cowardly to physically assault a "disabled" person.
    • During the SNES version's transition from Japan to the rest of the world, the wheelchair was redrawn to look like an office chair,[2] and Belger was given a fast walking animation in order to make it clear that he is not disabled; both of these edits were done in an attempt to avoid the associated controversies.
  • In the Japanese Super Famicom version of the game, there is a small, dark dot on the forehead of Belger's character portrait, most likely as a result of shading. In the international release, Nintendo removed this dot for fear that it would be mistaken for a bindi and thus give the impression that players were required to beat up a disabled Hindu. On other platforms, the character portraits are too small to display such a minute detail clearly.[3]


Official artworks



Ffight-arc belger chairwjessica MightyFFBelger Belgar-ff1o


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