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Bill Bull (ビル・ブル Biru Buru?) is a character from Final Fight, appearing as a common enemy. He is one of the many members of the Mad Gear Gang.

He has two head swaps, known as G. Oriber and Wong Who, known as the "Headbutt Corps".



Bill Bull is an obese, full bearded, bald man, wearing high-cuffed gray slacks with suspenders over a button-up shirt in his initial appearance. He also wears clog-style shoes and has an armband around each of his elbows

In his Street Fighter V artwork, he now wears a turquoise vest, and lacks his armbands and suspenders. He also has a scar across his left eye that extends onto his forehead.


Bill Bull appears to be a rather hot-headed man, frequently drinking, then getting enraged and breaking beer bottles. His favorite drink is a cocktail of his own creation that is a blend of saucesoy saucemustardchili oil and salad dressing, and he has recently taken to mellowing it with honey. At one point, he had grown conscious of his weight and tried dieting, but did not stick to his diet plans for very long.[1]

Concept []

According to the art book Capcom Design Works - Early Days, Bill Bull and his palette swaps are based on a real person, namely a "hard-hitting" old man seen at a restaurant near Capcom's headquarters.


Final Fight[]

Bill Bull appears as a common enemy in Final Fight, working as a member of the Mad Gear Gang during Belger's gambit to retain control of Metro City from newly-elected Mayor Mike Haggar. He confronts Haggar, Cody, and Guy as they attempt to rescue Haggar's daughter, Jessica.

Gameplay and fighting style[]

Bill Bull shares a distinctive attack pattern with his palette swaps, namely putting put his head down and charging headfirst towards the player, much like a bull. He also has the ability to change direction in mid-charge or changing the pace of the charge, which makes him difficult to avoid safely. He can also dish out a powerful front kick and a head butt. From the members of the "headbutt corps", he has an average amount of health, able to resist slightly more damage than G. Oriber but still way behind Wong Who.



Bill Bull's Model


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