For the enemy character from the original Final Fight, see Billy and Sid.

Billy (ビリー Birī?) is a character from Final Fight who first and so far only appeared in Final Fight 3 (Final Fight Tough in Japan). He is one of the many minor enemy characters the players face.



Billy has a slim but fit body, and wears a punk rocker get up. He wears hand wraps and pants that are held up with suspenders. His blond hair is styled in a mohawk and in his Shadaloo C.R.I. profile art, his eyes have facepaint applied to them.


Billy is said to be loud, ostentatious, and rambunctious, enjoying causing a ruckus and provoking the attention of others, liking the means more than the results. Outside of this however, he has a deep knowledge and appreciation for romantic literature and theater, and is loyal to his friends.


Billy is a punk rocker affiliated with the Skull Cross Gang, who recently emigrated to Metro City from the United Kingdom and lives with his friend Ray, who he met through a major punk rock event. After one evening of carousing through town, Billy's antics caught the attention of the Skull Cross Gang, who invited him into their ranks.

Fighting styleEdit

Billy fights like a boxer, attacking only with his fists. His favorite combo is a series of two jabs followed by an uppercut. Although he is rather weak, he likes to strike enemies from behind and can be annoying when teamed up with other thugs.



Billy (FF3) Model Billy (FF3) Animated


  • Like Axl and Slash, Billy's backstory and design is reminiscent of the punk rock musician and Generation X band member Billy Idol, who migrated to New York City to start his own solo career in 1981.


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