For the enemy from Final Fight 3, see Billy (Final Fight 3).

Billy and Sid are a pair of characters from Final Fight. They appear as common enemies, exclusively in the international releases of the Nintendo versions of the game (Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance).

They were created to replace Poison and Roxy in said versions, due to the gender controversy surrounding them.


Billy and Sid are identical in appearance, due to them being palette swaps. The only difference between them is the hair color, as Billy's hair is green and Sid's is orange. Their outfit could be considered a "male" counterpart to what Poison and Roxy wear. They wear a torn white tank top, blue jeans, blue goggles, and brown boots. Like Poison and Roxy, they also carry a pair of handcuffs with them.

Fighting styleEdit

They attack in the same manner as Poison and Roxy, by jumping around and trying to catch the player off guard.


Sid and Roxy in Final Fight


Much like how the other members of the Mad Gear Gang are named after and inspired by famous 1980s rock and roll musicians and bands, Billy and Sid are named after and inspired by Billy Idol and the Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious respectively.

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