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This is a list of quotes used by Birdie.

Street Fighter Alpha series


  • "Hey!"

Round Win

  • "I'm.. number one!"
  • "Hey, fool!"
  • "No effort."

Street Fighter Alpha

Win Quotes

  • "It's good to be back!"
  • "Show some respect and maybe you keep breathing."
  • "Still the best!"
  • "What made you think you could beat me?"

Rival Dialogue

Vs M. Bison

  • Birdie: "So you're the famous M. Bison. Think there's a place for me in Shadaloo?"
  • M. Bison: "I have no need of weaklings."
  • Birdie: "And if I maybe beat you?"
  • M. Bison: "Perhaps..."


  • "Notorious thug turned killer, Birdie earned his place under Bison."
  • Birdie: "I feel like thrashing Yanks! One day mate I'll have it all. Watch the Birdie!"
  • (Birdie leaves the bar, carrying a man by a single finger)
  • Birdie: "I'm the best there is mate. Do you well to remember that! Shadaloo!!"
  • "Is Birdie thinking of taking over? Will he kill Bison to reach his goal?"

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Rival Dialogues

Vs Dhalsim

  • Dhalsim: "Retreat and make peace with your spirit."
  • Birdie: "Yea, okay Yoga-boy. I'll kick you so hard you'll dirty your diaper!"
  • Dhalsim: "May you fight better in your next life."

Vs M. Bison

  • Birdie: "I hear you're the boss... Make me an offer."
  • M. Bison: "I'll offer to destroy you."
  • Birdie: "Make me a better offer."
  • M. Bison: "All right, if you live, you're in."

Vs Shin Akuma

  • Birdie: "Who are you?!"
  • Shin Akuma: "I am power made flesh! Fell[sic] how weak you truly are!"


  • Birdie: "I am the BEST! What do you 'ave to say for yourself Bison?"
  • M. Bison: "You are strong. O.k.! I'll accept as a member of Shadaloo."
  • Birdie: "YES! With my help you can rule anything your 'eart desires!"
  • "Shadaloo Command Center. Data room."
  • (Birdie charges a steel punching bag, breaking its chains)
  • Birdie: "YEAH!!"
  • (Birdie's hair gets frizzled. It's shown that M. Bison is watching behind a window)
  • Birdie: "Bison, You lunatic! Now I know your hidden agenda. You won't exploit me! I'm outta 'ere! Watch your back, mate."

Street Fighter Alpha 3

Win Quotes

  • "I am Birdie! The most rotten villain in the World...I hope!"
  • "Oh, what!? ...before? I looked pale because I was sick!!"
  • "That was a pleasant snapping! At least four or five ribs..."
  • "Eh? What was that? Speak up, I can't hear you from down there!"
  • "You were ugly before we I can't even bear to look!"
  • "Did you just call me something? Why don't you tell me again?!"
  • "If my name is Birdie, then why are you saying "CHEAP! CHEAP!"?"
  • "Hey! My clothes are stained with your blood. Help me clean it up!"

Pre-Arcade Bio

  • "Birdie is a member of Shadaloo. But as a mere henchman, his daily life became very dull. And so he gathered information to overthrow M. Bison. Soon, he found the keyword... "Psycho Drive.....""

Rival Dialogues

vs. E. Honda

  • Birdie: "Hey, you! I like your hairstyle!"
  • E. Honda: "The Mage is the hairstyle of the Sumo. You haven't heard of Sumo?"
  • Birdie: "Sumo?! What's that? Some kind of raw fish dish...?"
  • E. Honda: "Gwa ha ha ha ha! You can't eat it, but it's quite exciting!"
  • Birdie: "Then show me what Sumo is all about!"
  • Birdie: "That was great! I see your hairstyle isn't just for show. You're strong enough to be in Shadaloo after I take it over!"
  • E. Honda: "Do you mean M. Bison's organization, Shadaloo? That's a funny joke! Gwa ha ha ha ha ha!"

vs. Blanka

  • Birdie: "Could he be a member of Shadaloo?"
  • Blanka: "Uwo? <Who??> Uwooooooo!! <Let's fight!!>"
  • Birdie: "He doesn't know me... It's no use trying to talk to this beast. I'll defeat him."
  • Birdie: "If such strong fighters really exist..... They must be in one of those buildings over there.... The 'Psycho Drive.'"

vs. Balrog

  • M. Bison: "Ga ha ha ha ha! Birdie... What are you looking for?"
  • Birdie: "None o' your business, mate! Get outta here!"
  • M. Bison: "No... It's time you departed, you treacherous vermin! Now, Balrog... Dispose of this rodent!"

vs. M. Bison

  • M. Bison: "You defeated Balrog.... Impressive, but expected...."
  • Birdie: "Ya like a little entertainment before the main event, eh? Now ya better tells me... Where is this 'Psycho Drive'?!"
  • M. Bison: "You know... You know too much... You are a fool! One with no respect for his superiors.... Now I shall teach you what respect is!!"


  • Birdie: "I won't be able to take over Shadaloo by defeating him.... I'll poke around the underground base...."
  • (Birdie finds the entrance to the base)
  • Birdie: "So this is the entrance to the underground base... Now then..."
  • (He finds the Psycho Drive)
  • Birdie: "I've found it at last! My information was correct... This must be the "Psycho Drive....". It hasn't been easy gathering this. But without this, no one but M. Bison could operate it.... Set! OK... It's working! If it works, I'll have M. Bison's power! ...Here goes nothing!"
  • (Birdie enters the Psycho Drive)
  • Birdie: "Ugh... ugh... I'm losing my strength... Wh.....why...? I.... I can't get out.....! me...! Stop this machine!!"
  • (Charlie flies in on the Psycho Drive)
  • Charlie: "The origin of the Psycho Energy emissions has altered..."
  • Chun-Li: "You're right! Set course for the new location! I'll head there by ground! We'll rendezvous there!"
  • (Charlie and Chun-Li enter the Psycho Drive)
  • Charlie: "What is all this equipment...?!"
  • Chun-Li: "First Lt. Charlie! There's someone trapped in there!"
  • Birdie: "Help... help... me..."
  • (The two disable the Psycho Drive)
  • Birdie: "I'm...saved... I lost my strength instead of becoming like M. Bison... Why?"
  • Charlie: "M. BISON! You! You know something about him, don't you?!"
  • Chun-Li: "He's too weak to run away! After him!"
  • Birdie: "I didn't do anything! Why did this happen to me?! Blast it!"

Street Fighter V

Character Select

  • "I'll eat somethin' after this!"


  • "Oi! It ain't too late to run home to Mum, now!"
  • "Time for me to kick your ass." (Easy Survival Mode)
  • "You mess with me, I'll make you a mess." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "I'll bite you down to the bone!" (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "Oi! I'm bloody starving!" (Extreme Survival Mode)

Round Win

  • "Well! It's all comin' a Birdie!"
  • (20% health or less) "I'm downright famished!"


  • "Oh bugger all!"
  • "I... blew it."


  • "I'll make you buy me lunch later."

Win Quotes

Versus Mode (Generic)

  • "Mess with me and I'll mash you like a potato!"
  • "AAARRRGHHHH! You... You messed up my hairdo!"
  • "You got anythin' to eat? Anythin'll do. Anythin'."
  • "Hehe... The taste of my chain... Delicious, ain't it?"
  • "Perfect!"

Versus Mode (Character-specific)

  • "Jus' what the hell are you eatin' to get so big? Even I got my limits."
  • "Nobody bloody told me you'd be here! That reminds me... I'm starving! Someone get me some grub now!"
  • "The jungle, eh? Whaddya do for grub there? ...Pirarucu? That sounds kinda good, mate!"
  • "I think I recognize that face of yours. Hey, you one of 'em dolls, ain't ya?"
  • "I told you, I ain't done a bloody thing! You cops got nothin' on me!"
  • "Yer a right soft'un since ya lost yer 'andcuffs!"
  • "I-It burns! H-He can spit fire! What'll I do if he singes my hair?"
  • "What's with the nappy, mate?! Go get me some grub, before you pee yerself!"
  • "A fellow Shadaloo dropout, eh? That lot don't know their arse from their elbow, but they've got good grub!"
  • "I ain't never goin' back to Shadaloo! Not with you around!"
  • "Who's this clown? If this's some kinda carnival, that means there's grub 'round 'ere, right? 
  • "What's with that hairdo? Are you tryin' to threaten me?"
  • "Tyin' up a single ninja with my chain'll be a walk in the park!"
  • "Hey, are you tryin' to mess up my hair with them kicks, or what?"
  • "I live for grub. You keep your mouth shut and squirm!"
  • "That's enough grapplin' for today. Now let me have my dinner!"
  • "Fortune? Oh, you mean those cookies? They're delicious, but I always forget to take the paper out..."
  • "Your face... Did you go up against Shadaloo and lose or sumthin'?"
  • "Ugh, what in the hell are you? Are you even human?"
  • "Wrestlin'? Not interested. You haven't got any grub, have ya?"
  • "My hairdo's perfect! But yours ain't half bad, either."
  • "A fight's just another type of food! There's no meaning to it, mate!"
  • "Trainin'? Not my thing, mate."
  • "What's the big deal about dieting? You need to eat if you want to be powerful!"
  • "Why the heck is everyone so bleedin' smug?"
  • "I can show off my hairdo anytime. Not like you and your face..."
  • "Ibuki showed me some of those ninja meals, but man, it was nasty! Tasted like medicine. No thank you!"

Character Story

vs. F.A.N.G

Before battle

Birdie: "Heah, Heah, Heah. Heah! Damn it! what kinda people are they! Why can't they cut a bloke a break already. I"m Finished with those guys! Hell or high water...I'm escape from here!"

F.A.N.G: "How foolish are you! Throwing away the honor of serving Lord Bison for something like this.

Birdie: "Shut up! I ain't gonna be doin this no more! I'm Finished, I can't deal with you lot!"

F.A.N.G: "Humph! Let him escape. He was never a threat to us, anyway."

Birdie: "I'II never go back! Piss off Shadaloo!"

vs. Chun-Li

Before battle

Birdie: "Heah. heah, Heah. I'm sure they won't follow me this far... But bloody hell I'm starving. I need to eat something..."

Chun-Li: "You?!"

Birdie: "Ugh!"

Chun-Li: "Aren't you supposed to be part of shadaloo? Or did they... fire you?"

Birdie: "They didn't..feed me."

Chun-Li: "You're under arrest! Ouch!"

Birdie: "Now's me chance to run."

Chun-Li: "Hey! Get back here!"

vs. Karin

Birdie: "Heah, heah, heah, hugh, hugh, hugh."

Karin: "Oh my. I seem to remember your face. What are you doing here?"

Birdie: "Urgh! It's none of your business! Get lost!"

Karin: "You can't speak to me that way! But you can keep me from being bored. I didn't expect you to be so good."

Birdie: "Hey, How are you still standing after that attack?!"

Karin: "Ah, hahaha! You'd do well not to underestimate me. You're a Shadaloo henchman... and I don't find it hard defeating errand boys."

Birdie: "I ain't with shadaloo no more! This is delicious... I ain't never eaten like this before!"

Karin: "So tell me.. why did you what to escape from Shadaloo?"  

Birdie: "Why wouldn't I? I hate the way they handle business. The way they do things is terrible! Where's it written that I got to wear this hat? Bastard! what do you think this will do to my brilliant style? No hat touches this hair."  

F.A.N.G: "Humph! You are a member of Shadaloo. You must obey the policies I've put into place."

Karin: "Did you really go against Shadaloo? Hmmm, I'm very impressed. I'd like to. invite you to be a guest of the Kanzuki family."

Birdie: "A house quest? Does that mean I can eat for free?"

Karin: "If you'll follow my orders, whenever it is you're needed."

Birdie: "Oh, suuure! Who do you what me to thrash?"

Shibasaki: "Miss Karin."

Karin: "Betrayal is proof of an incapable leader. If this man were to betray me, it would only be indicative of my unworthiness. Now then to help you digest, please take out the trash. The Kanzuki-ryu one hundred man kumite!"

Birdie: "Wha...wha...wha,,,what in the hell....!?"

A Shadow Falls

vs. Marz

Birdie: "It's gotten too quiet now. haa... Hmm?"

Marz: "Hee, ah."

Birdie: "Huh? ...Are you sure about that? Dohaaaaah!!"

Aprile: "Are you hurt? You look all right. Can you stand?"

Marz: "Uh, huh."

Aprile: "Good, let's escape."

Birdie: "You're not going anywhere! If I let you get away from me! If you escape...!!"

Aprile: "Back off."

Birdie: "If you escape, they wont feed me anymore!!"

Aprile: "Agh, ugh..."

Vs Février

Birdie: "It's cheating to use a weapon! Why don't you fight fair?!"

Février: "Huh. Then what is that chain for, you big fat sack of merde?!"