Bison Troopers

The Bison Troopers as they appear in the movie.

The Bison Troopers or Bison Shock Troops are characters from the 1994 Street Fighter movie and the fighting game Street Fighter: The Movie. They serve as General Bison's soldiers and security against the forces of the Allied Nations. In the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie, four Bison Troopers, Blade, Arkane, Khyber and F7 were included as playable characters (though only Blade was playable from the start, and the rest were hidden characters).

These troopers were solely created for the game and they (with Blade technically being the sole exception) have not appeared in any other Street Fighter game or medium since their debut until they were given profiles and new artwork on the official Street Fighter V website. In their profiles, they are the Shadaloo Troopers (シャドルー・トルーパーズ?), skilled combatants that are part of Shadaloo's North American branch.[1]

List of SoldiersEdit

In addition to Blade being apart of the default roster of the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie, Arkane, Khyber and F7 were also hidden characters and the remaining Bison Troopers to be experimented and turned into cyborgs. Each of whom had their own specific attributes and differing abilities.

  • Arkane (アーケイン Ākein?), a blue shock trooper.
  • Blade (ブレード Burēdo?), a red shock trooper.
  • Khyber (カイバー Kaibā?), a yellow shock trooper.
  • F7, a black shock trooper.

In Other MediaEdit

Although the particular uniform from the movie was never used in the animated series, M. Bison and his cohorts have many soldiers at their disposal throughout the series. Their appearances vary from episode to episode, ranging from typical street thugs to commandos with high-tech powered armor and futuristic-looking vehicles. Regardless, they all have advanced laser weapons at their disposal (due to the show's censorship policy on using firearms).


  • In Blade's ending for the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie, Blanka's theme plays. The other three troopers do not have an ending of their own, and use Blade's instead.
  • When Capcom redid Street Fighter: The Movie for the home consoles, all four Bison Trooper characters were omitted.

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