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The Bison Warp (べガワープ Bega Waapu?) is one of M. Bison's special moves, introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

All appearances Shoryuken motion + All 3 punch buttons (forward, behind enemy)
Shoryuken motion + All 3 kick buttons (forward, in front of enemy)
Reverse Shoryuken motion + All 3 punch buttons (backward, medium)
Reverse Shoryuken motion + All 3 kick buttons (backward, far)


M. Bison appearing behind his opponent with Bison Warp in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Executed by pressing either a "Shoryuken" (forward, down then down-forward) or "Reverse Shoryuken" (backward, down then down-backward) motion and either all three punch or kick buttons, Bison folds his arms, chuckles a little, glows a pinkish-purple hue and teleports to another location. Where he teleports to depends on whether the player uses the forward or backward motions and presses the three punch or kick buttons, as seen above.


The teleport, which is fueled by Bison's Psycho Power, can be used to get away from an opponent bearing down on him, to suddenly launch an attack (usually from behind), or perhaps to simply psych out the opponent and keep them guessing. Its use also serves to help fill the Super Combo Gauge faster.


  • M. Bison no longer have access to this move as of Street Fighter V. However, during his first V-Trigger, both of his forward dash and back dash are turned into a more refined version of the Bison Warp, allowing him to indefinitely teleport in a rapid succession and can be perform with just a double tap of the movement button instead of a complex command input.

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