Black (ブラック Burakku?) is a fictional character from the Final Fight series, being introduced in the game Final Fight 3 and serving as both its main antagonist and final boss.



Black was an imposing, muscular man whose body was covered with scars. He wore a red beret and a black military uniform with a black vest underneath, which he revealed when he ripped free of his coat. He also kept his left eye covered with an eyepatch and carried a riding crop and knives. His belt buckle was a silver skull, from which his gang most likely got its name.


Final FightEdit

Black was the leader of the Skull Cross Gang, which rose to prominence in Metro City after the Mad Gear Gang was forcibly disbanded. Once a mercenary who lead a special forces team, Black took his military experience to the streets, and gathered his compatriots to establish Skull Cross. Upon the power vacuum left after Mad Gear's collapse, their expertise in warfare annihilated every gang that dared to challenge them, and Black soon became the new head of Metro City's criminal underworld.

He was eventually arrested and thrown in prison, but the gang blew up a police station and broke him out during the riots that followed. Mike Haggar, Lucia, Guy, and Dean had tracked the gang to a tall building that they were using as their main headquarters and that the quartet themselves had soon fought their way up to the rooftop of the building. Black had soon arrived by helicopter in order to fight against the quartet and was eventually killed when Black himself was knocked back into a high-voltage transformer and electrocuted to death, causing a chain reaction that had destroyed both the entire building and the Skull Cross Gang's evil plans to take over and control all of Metro City.

Fighting styleEdit

Black, though muscular, was light on his feet, and his fighting style made good use of his strength, agility, weapons, and special training. He attacked with his riding crop at close range, and could also release a burst of blue flame from his palms in a manner similar to Guy. He could attack from a distance by throwing knives, and had a spinning attack that he liked to use after recovering from a knockdown or when he wanted to close in on and defeat his enemies much quickly.


  • Black bears a vague resemblance to Rolento, and his eyepatch and chest scar are reminiscent of Sagat.
  • The Shadaloo Combat Research Institute has taken considerable interest in him, as they have noted that Black's beret bears a skull crest design similar to those found in Shadaloo's army ranks. It is speculated that Black once had a career or had a brief stint in their forces.[1]



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