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Not to be mistaken with Blades.

Blade (ブレード Burēdo?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in the arcade game Street Fighter: The Movie. He is an elite soldier of Shadaloo who specializes in the use of knives.


Street Fighter: The Movie[]

Blade was one of the four Bison Troopers to be experimented and turned into cyborgs. He has undergone rigorous physical training. Their mission is to eliminate Guile and his forces.

In Blade's ending, he is revealed to be Guile's brother, Gunloc (a character from the Slam Masters wrestling games), who has infiltrated Shadaloo as a deep cover agent. After Shadaloo's downfall, he's free to continue his professional wrestling career.[2] Gunloc also tries to help Guile find his missing friend Blanka (who had been captured and mutated into a green-skinned beast by Bison's men), but they were unsuccessful.[3]

Street Fighter series[]

While not seen in the main series, Blade's Street Fighter V profile shows that he is one of the Shadaloo Troopers, members from Shadaloo's American branch. He dexterously fights with sharp blades and also with throws and sharp kicks. Although Blade's profile doesn't mention Gunloc, it is implied they are the same person due to them having the same height and weight, Blade is mentioned as being proficient in grappling techniques, and both of them have popcorn listed as their favorite food.[1]


In battle, Blade uses attacks that involve a great deal of concealment. He has an array of weapons at his disposal including a bazooka, a stun rod and knives which are hidden within his red uniform.


  • In Blade's ending for the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie, Blanka's theme plays.


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