Not to be confused with Blade.

Blades, real name Dino, is a villain in the game Final Fight: Streetwise. He is a most efficient assassin from Vito Bracca's mob, with a penchant for carrying out assignments with grotesque methodology. He is unpredictable, cutthroat, and demented, yet his reputation also includes a great degree of reliability, his services being highly valued for criminals.

Blades first appears taking Kyle by surprise and threating to kill him, asking Vito to allow him to deal with him, but as the mob is already with a lot of trouble, Vito orders Blades to just drop him out of Little Italy. Blades tells Kyle he is lucky, but warns him that the next time they met, he will rip his eyes out with an icepick.

Later, Blades is seen with Vito in Father Bella's church, where Blades, secretly under Bella's command, kills Vito with a pickaxe. Additionally, it was Bella who ordered Blades to invade and burn the Guy’s Bushinryu Dojo, where Kyle was with him to discuss about Cody’s disappearance. Finding him to be trouble, Kyle decides to deal with Blades and fights against him in the graveyard, apparently killing him. In the battle, Blades moves at high speed and attacking by throwing blades when distant and cutting with them when close.

Near the end of the game, Blades is shown to have been mutated with glow into Famine, one of Bella's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Kyle finds him in the church's kitchen, where he is chopping several corpses and kills Sgt. Sims. As Famine, his speed and technique are improved, and he is able to stretch his limbs. He has 2500 HP. Kyle has a fight to the death against him, managing to finish Famine.


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