This is a list of quotes used by Blanka.

Street Fighter II series Edit

Street Fighter II Edit

  • "Seeing you in action is a joke."
  • "Now you realize the powers I possess!"

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Edit

  • "Now the beast is unleashed!"
  • "Whroo-oooooooooooooooo!"
  • "The jungle taught me secrets you will never know!"

Lost Quotes (Street Fighter II SNES)[1] Edit

  • "Your movements will never beat me!!"
  • "Now you know the power of the wild!!"
  • "Even tigers become cats in front of me. You're basically a mouse!"

Street Fighter: The Movie Edit

  • "The strong shall kill the weak!"
  • "No mercy for the weak.... "
  • "Shhhhhh..... Stop the voices in my head!!"
  • "Blanka never loses!"
  • "What has happened to me??"

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Rival DialoguesEdit

Dan HibikiEdit

Dan: Jimmy...?! You're Jimmy!!
Blanka: Uwon!! Uwon!!
Dan: Long time no see...! I owe you my life, you know! How about a match? Let's see if you're as strong as you were!
Blanka: Uwho!!

Dan: Ahh! That's the Jimmy I know... You've got some stylish moves!
Blanka: Uwo uwo, uwo uwo?
Dan: Huh?! What am I doing now? I've started my own dojo! If you're in trouble, just come by! I'll help you anytime!
Blanka: Uwo uwo uwo uwooo!


Blanka: Uwo...?
Zangief: Oh, just a beast... I'm in the middle of a very important mission. I have no time to play with you!
Blanka: Uwooo, uwo uwo uwo?
Zangief: No use talking to a beast. Looks like we'll be playing after all!

Zangief: How could I lose such a fight?! Great Leader, I am very sorry... I've failed my mission... I could not destroy Shadaloo...
Blanka: Uwo uwo?


M. Bison: Ha ha ha! You saved me time by defeating that Russian dog... As your reward, you'll now have the honor of fighting Balrog!
Blanka: Uwoooooo!

M. BisonEdit

M. Bison: I don't know who you are, but you have great fighting power! I am M. Bison, lord of Shadaloo! You'll do well as my guinea pig!
Blanka: Uwo uwouuu......!!
M. Bison: You should be honored to help me conquer the world! Wa ha ha ha!

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Groarrrrwwll! Wow!! Wow!! (VICTORY! Yeah! That was fun!)"
  • "Woooooooo! Wowowoooowoow! Woow! (Let's play again sometime!)"
  • "Wo! Ow! Wowooooow! Woooowow Wow! (Jimmy says, "Wowooooow!")"
  • "WooooWoOwWow WoooWowWowWow! (It was exciting!)"
  • "Wooooo wo? Wow! Wow! (I'm feeling great!)"
  • "Woo! Woow! Wow! Woooow! Wow! (Can you and I become friends?!)"
  • "Woo.....? Wo Wo....?! (Are you okay?)"
  • "Grrrrrrrrrrrrr... (I don't like you!)"

Capcom vs. SNK series Edit

Capcom vs. SNK Pro Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Your fighting style bores me! Vuo Vuo Vuo!"
  • "You don't have what it takes to defeat me..."
  • "The strong preys upon the weak."
  • "You are a loser!"
  • "Anybody who makes fun of me will live to regret it!"
  • "Tremble before my howl of victory! Vuo Vuo Vuo!"
  • "Nobody can match my brutal strength!"
  • "This place is a paradise compared to the Amazon!"


  • "Raa Uwaaa Uwaaa! "Me won! Me Great! Me Great!""

Capcom vs. SNK 2 Edit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "Anybody who makes fun of me will live to regret it!"
  • "The strong preys upon the weak. That is the law of the wilderness!"
  • "Nobody can match my brutal strength!"
  • "This place is a paradise compared to the harsh Amazon!"
  • "Tremble before my howl of victory! Vuo Vuo Vuo!"
  • "You are a loser!"
  • "You don't have what it takes to defeat me..."
  • "Your fighting style bores me! Vuo Vuo Vuo!"

Before finalsEdit

  • "Rahhh... Grrr... Waaa... "I'm #1 in the world!""

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Street Fighter IV Edit


  • "Ow ow! Ow Aaaaah!"

Personal ActionEdit

  • "I'm stronger than you!"
  • "Come on!"
  • (howls)
  • (snarls)
  • "Too weak!"
  • "Not good enough!"
  • "Are you scared of me?! Heh."

Round Win QuotesEdit

  • "You'd never survive in the jungle!"
  • "Now you know the power of the wild!"
  • "I'm stronger than you!"


"As long as you're here, Mama,  I don't mind living in town. I can still do my street fights, and the best part is that I get to be with my Mama. But I'm sad. Why am I sad? Because my being here is only making things hard on you. Everyone stares at us, and they talk badly behind our backs. That's why I have to leave. I can't be here anymore. Wait for me, Mama, I'll come back when I won't be an embarrassment to you anymore!" 

Rival DialogueEdit

El FuerteEdit

Blanka: "Who are you?"
El Fuerte: "Me? Who are you?"
Blanka: "Only bad men hide their faces!"
El Fuerte: "Lay off the mask, Amigo! I'll show you!"
Blanka: "Grrrrrr!"


  • "People still stare at me sometimes, but I don't let it get to me. It's OK to make mistakes once in a while. As long as I get to spend time with my Mama, everything will be just fine..."

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

  • "Maybe you should live in the jungle. It'd toughen you up!"
  • "You can't knock me out with shabby moves like that!"
  • "You might be the second strongest, but I'm number one!"
  • "Over already? Might as well go play with some monkeys if that's all you got!"
  • "My bite is worse than my bark!"
  • "You mean to tell me that you don't have electric powers? Lame!"
  • "Your punches tickle. Feels like ants crawling on me. How annoying!"
  • "Bring me some fruits! I'm in the mood for watermelon, oranges and bananas!"
  • "Waooooh!"
  • "That's what you get for underestimating me! Bet you regret it now, huh?"
  • "You promised me a banana! Hurry up and bring it!"

Arcade ModeEdit

  • "I was lonely until I saw my Mama again, so I know how you feel. Don't give up!"
  • "You're scarier than any jungle creature. Just what are you, anyway?"
  • "You're as quick as a little birdie, but you're weak like one, too!"
  • "Is this what people in your land call "fast?"
  • "No fair! You can't bring gadgets into the ring, lady! That's cheating!"
  • "Fighting your friends is fun. You think so, too, right?"
  • "You have a strange way of fighting. Are you even human?"
  • "Nature has no room for fatsos! It's survival of the fittest!"
  • "You may be old, but you put up a fight! I hate you!"
  • "You look kinda familiar... But... different..."
  • "Quit looking at me like that! I ain't your pet!"
  • "I'm so much cooler than you. You can't even make electricity!"
  • "Bet you think you're pretty scary, huh? You don't scare me!"
  • "You kinda creep me out, lady. My Mama is much prettier than you!"
  • "I like the way you move! You make me laugh!"
  • "You say "tiger" a lot, but you don't know the first thing about real tigers!"
  • "You jump around like a butterfly, but I squashed you like one!"

Super Street Fighter IV Edit

Prologue Edit

"Dan taught me how to be a better man. I'm gonna win this tournament. If I win, I can earn everyone's respect. Mama will be so proud. Mama always takes such good care of me... Most people are scared of me, but not her... I wanna make Mama happy... After all, she's already done that for me. I'll come back a new man, Mama. One you can be proud of. Just you wait and see!"

Ending Edit

Samantha: Jimmy! You have company!
Blanka: What company?
Samantha: That's right. These folks saw the article about you and wanted to meet you in person!
Blanka: Me!?
Samantha: Well, Jimmy. Looks like we finally made some friends. Why don't you bring some fruit for our guests? I'll go put some tea on.
Blanka: O-OK!

Win Quotes Edit

Versus Mode Edit

  • "You can't defeat me with moves like that!"
  • "Ogwow! Oh! Oh!"
  • "Arooooo!"
  • "Crocodiles are good, but I prefer the taste of a nice pirarucu!"
  • "I've gotta get stronger! I can't go home until I'm good enough for my mama!"
  • "You didn't keep your mind on the fight. That's why you lost!"
  • "Until you forget mankind's rules and fight like a beast, you can't beat me!"
  • "You're strong! We should hang out!"
  • "I'm stronger than you! I'm better than you!"
  • "I liked living in the jungle, but I'd rather be with my mama now."
  • "The king of the jungle is the king of the world!"

Arcade Mode Edit

  • "Did you find your mama? I hope you find her soon!"
  • "My roar is bigger than yours! And I´m faster, too!"
  • "You call yourself a bull, but you fight like an insect!"
  • "Real fighters rely on the claws and teeth - not machines!"
  • "Real killer bees are way stronger than you! Don´t call yourself that!"
  • "I´m onto you! Only bad men wear clothes like that!"
  • "You´re way too slow to take me on!"
  • "Don´t worry, Dan. You can be my apprentice if you want!"
  • "Your attacks are weak! Stop worrying about appearance and go for it!"
  • "There´s no sumo ring in the jungle. You just fight until one guy goes down."
  • "You've turned into a bad man! A very bad man!"
  • "I think I should be in movies! Mine would be way better than your stinkers!"
  • "I´m really good at catching fish! There´s no way you could beat me!"
  • "How do you get your hair to stand up like that?"
  • "What´s a ninja? Is it a kind of animal?"
  • "What the-? Your sweat is all oily."
  • "GRRRRRRRRRR! You tried to kill me, didn´t you?"
  • "Lots of guys can use fire moves, but I´m the only electric fighter!"
  • "You´ve got guts! What jungle are you from?"
  • "You smell like a bad man! I´m gonna bite you!"
  • "Don´t pretend to be nice to me, lady! I´m not looking for a girlfriend."
  • "What did you eat to get so big? Elephants?"
  • "You don´t scare me! You´re just an ordinary man!"
  • "My original moves are better than your copies, girl!"
  • "Even birds and monkeys can mimic people! You´re nothing special!"
  • "Living things live for themselves. You should do the same!"
  • "Only bad men hide their faces!"
  • "Do they eat pirarucu in China too!?"
  • "I don't need no stinkin' skateboard! I can spin faster than anything!"

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit

  • "You smell strange... What's wrong? Are you scared?"
  • "I like your dancing! We're friends now!"
  • "In the jungle, everyone is big! You're one of the small ones!"
  • "Your mane has an interesting color! What do I eat to make it like that?"

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit

Match Start Edit

  • "I'm strong! You'll lose!"
  • "Alright, Sakura!" (When paired with Sakura)

Match Win Edit

  • "I'm hungry!"

Defeat Edit

  • "Mama!"

Win Quotes (character-specific) Edit

Street FighterEdit

  • "Looking for your family? I understand! If I find them, I'll tell you!"
  • "Uooooooh... My body is shaking! Are you really human?"
  • "The worst thing about you is your bark!"
  • "I am the king of the jungle!"
  • "Can I understand cat speak? You makin' fun of me?! Of course I can!"
  • "HEY! You broke out of prison! That's BAD!
  • "Don't think you're so great just because you can stretch your arms! You're not that strong!"
  • "If you wanna beat me, you gotta fight for real! No holding back!"
  • "Friend of nature? Then I'm you're friend too!"
  • "Being big ain't so great!
  • "You smell funny. Stay away from me!"
  • "I'm not afraid of fire! I have electric power!"
  • "My electricity is stronger than your weird little power!"
  • "Your smell is so sweet! But it's something that's not from my jungle!"
  • "I don't need weapons to fight! My bare hands are more than enough!"
  • "I see you like rolling around! I like rolling too!"
  • "If you wanna get stronger, just go to the jungle! That's how I got strong!"
  • "Even as a tiger you would never survive in the jungle!"
  • "Sakura! We should hurry up and look for Dan!"
  • "I don't like those claws! I'm gonna break 'em!"
  • "You're really hairy. Like a big bear!"


  • "Are you OK? No problem taking off your head like that?"
  • "No matter what you do, I'm gonna shock you!"
  • "You too, know the fun of rolling I see!"
  • "I hate guys like you. You're ugly and mean!"
  • "This is a fight! Dance later!"
  • "You're so old, but you're so strong! Why?"
  • "You're too weak! If you wanna become my student, I'll teach how to be strong!"
  • "You don't like electricity? Awooo, have some more then!"
  • "That's what happens when you do bad things! Now apologize to everyone!"
  • "You like trees!? Then come to my jungle! Plenty of trees there!"
  • "Why must you look so angry all the time? You must be thinking about very bad things!"
  • "Your face is not human! What are you!"
  • "Are you a fake bear? Real bears are stronger than that!"
  • "Go home, loser! Only winners are allowed here!"
  • "You smell like food. A little spicy."
  • "Try living in the jungle! It'll make you stronger!"
  • "If it's a battle of power, I won't lose!"
  • "Grrrrrrrr... You're just like those annoying piranha!"
  • "Can you also release electricity?"
  • "I've done boxing with gorillas! Your punches are nothing!"
  • "I'm not an animal! You want me to bite you?"
  • "People who need weapons to fight are weak!"


  • "I'm the strongest in the jungle! I won't lose to a cat!"
  • "You look weird."
  • "What are you? I've never seen anything like this in the jungle..."
  • "You are strong! Where did you train? Your Hadouken is better than Dan's!"

Street Fighter V Edit

Character Selection Edit

Taunt Edit

  • "You attract flies!"

Critical Art activation Edit

  • "Now the hunt begins!"

Intro Edit

  • "Vauuuun! Gurrrrrr...Graaauh!"
  • "When you`re in jungle, survival itself is training." (Training)

Round Victory Edit

  • "Rraaaa! Rraaaaar!"
  • "Rraaaa! I'm king of the jungle!" (Perfect)
  • "The power of the wild!" (Low health)

Round Loss Edit

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "I survived the harsness of an unforgiving jungle! What have you done?"
  • "Uwoh, uwoh! Uwoh, uwoh!"
  • "You're weak, but you didn't run away. I respect that. Uwoh!"
  • "I've wrestled with pirarucu in the river that put up more of a fight than you!"
  • "Now you know how fierce nature can be!"

Win Quotes (character specific) Edit

  • "Being bigger can make you stronger, but it won't always help you survive..."
  • "There's something strange about your power, but it doesn't scare me!"
  • "*sniff, sniff* You smell like a mixture of plants and grease."
  • "We beasts can be savage, but we're not mean. That's what makes me different from you."
  • "There's only one king of the jungle, and that's ME! Uwoh, uwoh, uwoh!"
  • "Cats are indeed noble animals... But tigers are on a whole other level!"
  • "Train all you want, but you're nothing without nature on your side."
  • "Uwon, uwoh! No chains can hold a beast like me!"
  • "I worship the jungle... Nature is like my second mother."
  • "If sumo doesn't allow electric attacks, then I'm not interested."
  • "I was already thriving in the jungle when I was about your age."
  • "You like cute things? Here, I'll give you a Blanka-chan doll!"
  • "I've dealt with scarier things than you in the jungle..."
  • "Hey, are you recording this? If lots of people watch, will that make me popular?"
  • "Try living in the jungle! Now that's harmony for you!"
  • "The jungle waits for no one--thinking too much will get you killed!"
  • "You think raccoons are cute? Blanka-chan's much cuter!"
  • "You're like an injured animal. I feel bad for you."
  • "You want strength? How about me?! Tigers?! Mama?! Grahoooh!"
  • "The king of the jungle wins again!"
  • "I don't like the cold. I much prefer the heat of the jungle."
  • "You're from my neighborhood, so you should come visit sometime. That would make my Mama happy."
  • "In the jungle, you don't have police to protect you. You protect yourself."
  • "I hate you. Leave me alone."
  • "I already know my future... I'm gonna be famous and make my Mama proud!"
  • "Spite... Hatred... That won't get you very far in the jungle."
  • "You want to devour me? That makes sense. We all eat, then eventually get eaten. That's nature."
  • "I look like a beast because I am one! I'm wilder than you can imagine!"
  • "You're fighting to become famous...? I wanna be famous too! Uwoh, uwoh!"
  • "I'm not a mascot! I'm the king of the jungle!"
  • "We beasts are natural-born fighters! Uwohh!"
  • "For me, a tiger's just a regular cat."
  • "I can't hold anything back, even with friends. The jungle doesn't play favorites, so neither do I!"
  • "Are you broken? Maybe you got sick?"
  • "Acting tough like you do is what weak animals do to appear strong."
  • "We beasts of the wild don't need to try and look cool--we're naturally good-looking!"
  • "I'm as strong as a bear, and my claws and fangs can cut through steel!"
  • "Old, weakened animals are destined to eventually disappear quietly..."

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