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"Seeing you in action is a joke!"
—Blanka (Street Fighter II series)

"Ow ow! Ow Aaaaah!"
—Blanka (Street Fighter IV series)

"I'm strong! You'll lose!"
—Blanka (Street Fighter × Tekken)

"Vauuuun! Gurrrrrr...Graaauh!"
—Blanka (Street Fighter V series)

—Blanka (Street Fighter 6)

Blanka (ブランカ Buranka?), also known by his birth name Jimmy (ジミー Jimī?) & the Adventure Tour Guide (冒険ツアーガイド Bōken tsuāgaido?, Portuguese: Guia turístico de aventura)[8], is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter II. He is a feral man from the Brazilian jungle with green skin and the ability to generate electricity.



Despite having the appearance of a wild man, Blanka is generally passive and docile, and is fond of family connections and friendships as well as children. Yet, when angered, Blanka attacks as though he was a wild animal let loose from a cage, ferociously attacking his opponents with predatorial rage.

Due to being forced to survive and later overcome the harsh environment of the Amazon forest since his youth, Blanka has developed his own personal attachment with wildlife. He held the "survival of the fittest" mindset, believing that those who were weak and being unable to adapt would naturally be preyed on by the predator. He cites his survival experience as a proof that humans were able to triumph over anything if they could adapt and respect nature, and doesn't treat his (self-proclaimed) "king of the jungle" title lightly. Blanka also holds great respect to mother nature, saying that it is what made him who he is today, and is against those who are harming nature "for fun" and not for sustaining themselves.

As the series goes on, Blanka, while retaining his usual manner of speech, starts to develop a bit more common sense; which ironically makes him a more cautious-minded foil to the hot-headed Dan Hibiki. His dislike of masked men, as he believes good people shouldn't hide their faces, is also shown in his rival battle with El Fuerte and also with his win quote against Vega.

Since Street Fighter V, Blanka has developed another persona known as "Blanka-chan" to act as the cuter and friendly version of him. Blanka is quite attached to this persona as evident by his anger when Laura accidentally steps on one of his Blanka-chan dolls. In Street Fighter 6, Blanka uses his Blanka-chan persona to great effect in promoting his tourism business by wearing the Blanka-chan costume, and assumes this persona while interacting with tourists. After his encounter with Lily, Blanka became convinced that his "power of the jungle" and Blanka-chan are one and the same and thus were "real" all along. Perhaps this is the reason that in World Tour mode, Blanka occasionally refers to himself as "Blanka-chan" even without his costume.


Designed by Akira "Akiman" Yasuda, the concept behind Blanka emerged in an early design as an African man named Anabebe who was raised by a lion.[9] Blanka's original concept was likely inspired by Anabebe, a character from a popular manga series at the time called Jungle King Tar-Chan. After the release of Final Fight where a similarly designed fighter named Damnd (a.k.a. Thrasher in the SNES port) appeared as a boss character in Stage 1; Capcom again approached Street Fighter II and considered several designs for the Blanka character (including a masked wrestler modeled after Tiger Mask and a ninja-style warrior).[9][10] His design later changed to a large man with thick hair and sideburns, named "Hammer Blanka".[11] His finalized design was likely based on a character named Gorillaman from Ikki Kajiwara's Tiger Mask manga. Blanka's backstory mirrors that of Gorillaman with both characters having anklets made from chains and even had similar looking teeth. The staff then adopted Blanka's feral appearance, because they felt the game would be "dull" with only human characters.[12]

Appearance and characteristics[]

Blanka's most prominent physical characteristic is his green color, initially attributed to his consumption of chlorophyll from plants to blend into his jungle environment, a color change that eventually became permanent. However, when Street Fighter II was brought to the US, Blanka's coloring was attributed to his being struck by lightning during the electrical storm in which his plane crashed. (In Japan, it was brought down by Shadaloo to kill a minister that was on the same plane[13]) In Street Fighter II, Blanka's skin is yellowish-green, but later versions of the character are bright green. Early Street Fighter II artwork of Blanka showed him having pure green skin, despite the in-game renders showing him with yellowish skin color. Aside from his green skin, Blanka also has vivid orange hair. His appearance in Street Fighter II became his Nostalgia costume in Street Fighter V. Despite his strange appearance however, Blanka is in fact a human.

In Blanka's redesign for Street Fighter V, his hair has grown longer and wild, on his head, limbs and chest. He has additional orange and green hair lining his limbs.

His first alternate costume is a full sized 'Blanka-chan' doll from his character story.

His second alternate costume is an Aztec-like garb, consisting of an eagle helmet on his head, a large medallion around his neck, and a shield affixed to his arm.

In Street Fighter 6, Blanka now wears a yellow bandanna on his neck and wears blue short overalls with a left strap and a happy smiley design on the left side of his short overall.

In the non-canon Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Blanka appears in the ending of another green-skinned powerhouse, The Incredible Hulk. In this ending, Bruce Banner theorizes that gamma radiation caused Blanka's mutations, as they did his. He is also seen in the background of one stage sitting in front of a campfire, crouching and snarling, across from The Beast, who mirrors his expression.

Character Relationships[]


Blanka's mother. Despite her son's current appearance, Samantha were able to recognize him by his anklets when they first reunited. She remains supportive and caring for his well-being, in which Blanka returns her kindness with his unyielding affection. Samantha is also hinted to be responsible for helping her son readapted with civilizations, as Blanka once said in Street Fighter IV that everything will be okay when "mama" is by his side when he initially left Brazil after the locals were intially startled by his appearance. She is also seen cheering for her son in some stages, such as in Street Fighter 6.


Blanka is Dan's only true friend (besides Sakura). It's unknown how long they have known each other but Dan was saved by Blanka at some point before the latter's mutation. Dan always addresses Blanka by his true name, "Jimmy".


Blanka and Sakura are very close friends. It is known that in Street Fighter V, Blanka and Sakura stopped talking for a while, only to meet again.


Blanka lives in the same neighborhood as Laura, and wants her to see his mother again.


Street Fighter Alpha 3[]

His in-game story, just like the in-game stories of the other characters in the series, serves as a precursor to the events of Street Fighter II. The game tells a tale of how Blanka ate a melon on a poacher's truck and unwittingly traveled to civilization for the first time. Blanka eventually faces his old friend Dan Hibiki as one of his mid-bosses.

Blanka later faces Zangief as his second mid-boss, and unwittingly prevents Zangief from helping to destroy the Shadaloo criminal organization. He then faces Shadaloo member Balrog before facing M. Bison. After Bison is defeated, Blanka, Dan, and Sakura work together and destroy Bison's Psycho Drive. It should be noted, however, that since many characters' endings in Alpha 3 each depict a different destruction of the Psycho Drive, Blanka's ending might not be canon.

Street Fighter II[]

In Street Fighter II, Blanka has apparently developed a taste for street fighting and competes in the second World Warrior tournament. In his ending, he reunites with his mother, who recognizes him on televised broadcasts of his matches by the anklets he wears. She addresses him by his birth name, Jimmy, and reveals that she gave him the anklets before he was in a plane crash as a little boy. This crash caused him to grow up in the wild, although he has connections to a local village.

Sometime between the events of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and his participation in the second World Warrior tournament, Blanka also learned to speak human language, presumably from Dan.

Street Fighter IV series[]

Blanka leaves his mother because people kept staring at him, and goes to Hong-Kong with Dan. Dan quizzes him on what the second World Warrior tournament was like. He, Dan and Sakura then decide to enter the S.I.N. tournament, each for their own reasons, with Blanka himself wanting to win to earn people's respect.

After he loses in the final stages, he is wandering through S.I.N.'s HQ. There he bumps into Dan only to see flames heading towards them. The flames die before they can reach them, however, as they are extinguished by Sakura's and Ryu's Hadokens. It is revealed that his mother went looking for him and they are reunited, with Blanka resolving not to be concerned by the staring faces, since everything will be okay as long as he's with his "mama". He goes home, but isn't there long before he finds out that local visitors have arrived at his home to meet him and that he now has many new friends in town.[14]

Street Fighter V[]

Yoshinori Ono showed a Brazilian stage in the original Street Fighter V, during which he was seen wearing a Blanka costume, which lead to belief at Blanka's future appearance in the game.[15] However, it was revealed to be the debut of Street Fighter newcomer (and fellow Brazilian fighter) Laura. Blanka instead gained a profile in the official Street Fighter V site. He was later confirmed as a playable character in the third season of DLC fighters.

Character story[]

Blanka was selling dolls known as "Blanka-chan" in Brazil until he bumped into Laura who accidentally stepped on one of the doll. After defeating her, Laura apologizes and calls Sean to help Blanka out; Sean advises him to sell the dolls in Japan.

At the Japanese arcade center where he tries selling the dolls, two schoolgirls noticed the dolls inside an arcade machine causing him to get angry and shake the machine, claiming Blanka-chan to be cuter and claiming the dolls inside the machine look like rats, but his rage accidentally broke the machine (referring to his crazy actions in Sakura's character story) and regrets it, saying that the machine can't even last a day in the jungle. He tries to flee as soon as Sakura arrives to see what he had done. Sakura immediately recognizes Blanka, and Blanka himself apologizes to her for breaking the machine. Sakura decides to tell the arcade manager about the Blanka-chan dolls to be put inside the machine. With that, his dolls became popular with almost everybody, although Blanka is unaware of this.

Other character story appearances[]

In Sakura's character story, Blanka went "crazy" (as explained above) at one of the arcades in her workplace.

Street Fighter 6[]

A kindhearted defender of nature, Blanka has become an adventure tour guide, confident his intimate knowledge of the jungle will serve as a springboard to fame—and a comfortable life for his beloved mother.

Arcade Mode[]

Blanka: Real-life Cryptid[]

To promote his "Adventure Tour" travel company's trip to the Amazon forest. Blanka launched an online advertisement campaign featuring Blanka-chan as an "cryptid sprite" mascot. While the campaign were proven to be a success, albeit generate quite an amusement to those who is familiar with Blanka, a young girl named Lily genuinely believed Blanka-chan to be an actual sprite and decided to travel to Brazil to met the "sprite" in-person.

Back in the Amazon, Blanka in his Blanka-chan costume is guiding and taking pictures with tourists when Lily suddenly appeared from a tree. Attempting to maintain his Blanka-chan persona, Blanka asks if the girl wanted to shake hands, much to Lily's amusement. She then says that her spirit companion Toyno'Ikono wanted to "see more" of Blanka's character, leading a confused Blanka into a fight.

After the battle, Blanka (now taking off his costume) and Lily is seen on a boat cruising along the Amazon river. Blanka apologizes Lily for "lying" about him being a jungle sprite, saying that he wanted to keep his real identity a secret as he fears it would crush children's dreams. Lily then asks what Blanka is apologizing for, as she thinks that it makes no difference whether he wear a costume or not since Blanka already has "the spirit of the jungle" within him. Before she leaves, Lily explains that she felt the power of "all the trees and animals" inside him, and it is the real "sprite" she's looking for.

Being left alone on the boat, Blanka comes to a conclusion that since the "power of the jungle" is real, Blanka-chan is real too, and so is Blanka, the "king of the jungle".

World Tour[]

Fully Feral. Electrifying Instinct. Wilding Out. (完全にフェラル。 電撃的な本能。 ワイルドアウト。 Kanzen ni feraru. Dengeki-tekina hon'nō. Wairudoauto.?, Portuguese: Totalmente Feral. Instinto Eletrizante. Selvagem.)

"Strength is the power to survive! The jungle taught me that! (強さは生き抜く力だ! ジャングルが教えてくれた! Tsuyo-sa wa ikinuku chikarada! Janguru ga oshiete kureta!?)"
—Blanka's advice after completing training & achieving Mastery

Crossover appearances[]

Capcom vs. SNK series[]

He also made appearances as a playable character in Capcom vs. SNK and Capcom vs. SNK 2. According to his ending in Capcom vs. SNK 2, he thought he was being flown home, but when he got off the plane, he ended up in a zoo instead.

Street Fighter X Tekken[]

Blanka appears as a playable DLC character in Street Fighter X Tekken, his tag partner is Sakura and their Tekken rivals are Lars and Alisa. Blanka and Sakura hear the news about Pandora located in the South Pole. A few months pass, leaving Blanka and Sakura to wonder where Dan has gone ever since he left and never came back, so the duo head out to the South Pole to find Dan and check out the Pandora Box.

Continuing their journey to the South Pole, Blanka and Sakura run into Lars and Alisa, thinking that Lars is a TV star known as Red Warrior Bakori Man. Lars gets confused as to who this TV star is, and Alisa explains to him, after which Blanka and Sakura challenge them to a fight.

After defeating Ogre, Blanka and Sakura feel excited, as they got to fight many fighters searching for Pandora. Soon, they remember that Dan is missing, so Sakura calls out his name. Afterwards, Pandora opens, prompting them to check inside. Looking inside, they find Dan freezing and beaten up, prompting the duo to help Dan out of the box.

Street Fighter × Mega Man[]

Blanka appears as one of the eight stage fighting bosses in the official fan made game Street Fighter × Mega Man. His copy weapon is Tropical Hazard, while he is weak against Dhalsim's copy weapon Yoga Inferno.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate[]

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, there is a Palico Armor called F Blanka Pants, which makes the Palico look like Blanka. From the same quest, the player can also get the F Blanka Fish weapon.

Puzzle Fighter[]

Blanka appears one of the available characters in the puzzle game Puzzle Fighter.


UDON comics[]

In UDON's Street Fighter II comics, Blanka is found by Delta Red as a test subject of a Shadaloo lab in Brazil. While the team succeeds in retrieving him, along with Dee Jay (who had been acting as a brainwashed flunky for them), he is later recaptured and assigned as a Shadaloo fighter in the upcoming Street Fighter tournament. He is defeated by Guile in the first round and, after the fall of Shadaloo, he reunites with his estranged mother.

In the comics, the reason for Blanka's skin color and electrical abilities is the same as in the movies; it was because of Shadaloo's experiments.

Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers[]

In Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers, B.B. Hood mistakes Blanka for a Darkstalker and attacks him, but Blanka manages to fight her off.

Live-action films[]

Street Fighter motion picture[]

The 1994 live-action Street Fighter film combined Charlie and Blanka into a single character. Robert Mammone plays the role of Blanka. At the beginning of the film, Guile's close friend Carlos Blanka (Charlie) is taken captive by Bison, who subjects him to genetic testing to create the perfect soldier. The film was made prior to Charlie's introduction as a playable character in the Street Fighter Alpha games.

Movies and animations[]

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie[]

Blanka makes a brief appearance in a hotel where a luxurious convention is held. Blanka appears in the evening entertainment, where he is lowered from a cage to fight Zangief. Blanka uses his Rolling Attack and Electric Shock when fighting. He was voiced by Unshō Ishizuka in Japanese, and Tom Carlton in English.

Street Fighter cartoon series[]

He was voiced by Scott McNeil. In the cartoon, Blanka was portrayed as the protector of a small Brazilian village who eventually "rejoined" the Street Fighter team. Blanka appears as one of the more recurrent characters in the U.S. cartoon, acting as a scout gathering information for Guile and his friends on various missions. Near the end of the second season episode "New Kind of Evil", Blanka becomes much more feral and dangerous after accidentally being exposed to and covered in a mega-dose of mutagen ooze and although he soon develops a short and unforgiving temper after this, Blanka still works alongside Guile and his friends while personally attempting to find a way in changing himself back to normal.

Wreck-It Ralph[]

Blanka makes a cameo in Disney's 52nd Animated film Wreck-It Ralph during the closing credits. Ralph tries to fight Blanka, but ends up defeated when he gets shocked.

Other appearances[]

Street Fighter EX series[]


When Blanka discovered that a Street Fighter tournament had been held without him, he was in disbelief. How could the World Warriors compete without him? Determined not to let it happen a second time, he made sure that he was present and accounted for in the second and third EX tournaments. Blanka cared very little about whether he won or lost. He just wanted an excuse to have a good time and go wild.

At some point during the second tournament, Blanka was pitted against Dhalsim. Although their paths had crossed before, Blanka was captivated by Dhalsim's ability to contort his body in strange ways. Dhalsim took pity on Blanka, seeing the mind of a harmonious creature trapped inside a body that others found frightening. When the third tournament was announced and fighters could select partners to fight alongside, it was Blanka who sought Dhalsim as a partner, and Dhalsim graciously accepted.


Street Fighter EX2[]

Blanka defeated all the fighters who came to face him with crushing force. But beneath his boastful might was a vulnerable wild child.
The bond between mother and son was still strong, even after more than ten years of separation. The two embraced as if nothing could set them apart.
After days of fighting for survival, it seems that Blanka may had finally found his sanctuary.
Hopefully he won't be causing any sort of trouble now that he's in the concrete jungle of the city.

Street Fighter EX2 Plus[]

Peace returned to the jungle.
Jimmy already had enough of it.
Nothing was more important to him than the motherly jungle... and his real mother.

Street Fighter EX3[]

As Blanka stands on to of his victory stand, he realizes that it's the most ideal time to appeal for the importance of environmental protection. The chairman of the tournament announces, "Now we'd like to have an interview with the champion." Blanka steps up the mike and yells, "Aooooooooo!" The chairman goes on, "Do you have any other comment you have to say?" Blanka reply, "Aooooooo. Arrrrrrr!" After his moving speech, Blanka left the victory stand with a look of satisfaction on his face...


Fighting style and abilities[]

Blanka fights in a self-taught, animalistic style (however, Capcom's USA division originally depicted it as a Capoeira technique). When using his signature attack, Electric Thunder, he crouches and emits an electrical current shocking anyone and anything it touches. Blanka is strong enough to generate 150,000 volts of lightning.


Despite being a primarily charge-based character, Blanka's fighting style is based on speed and unpredictability. His unusual appearance and movement mean he can often surprise opponents with the range and sudden ferocity of his attacks, most of which are various incarnations of his Rolling Attack. His jump is very fast, allowing him to quickly hop over projectiles and attack opponents before they can recover.

In addition, his bestial characteristics allow him to counter moves in unusual ways - for instance, in the Street Fighter II series, Blanka can avoid a High Tiger Shot from Sagat by simply walking forward, allowing it to pass over his head. Later games modified the Rolling Attack so that the weaker versions of the move stopped short, allowing him more tactical capability, as well as introducing other variants of the move to increase the player's options for approaching opponents.

The series, as well as later games, grant Blanka moves that allow him to rush backwards and forwards quickly to surprise opponents, and sliding moves such as the Amazon River Run that allow him to slip under projectiles and attack an opponent's legs.

In Street Fighter V, Blanka retains all of his moves from the previous games and his Lightning Cannonball Ultra Combo from Street Fighter IV is now his Critical Art, known as Dynamic Rolling. His first V-Trigger is the Jungle Dynamo where his special attack can roll his opponent directly and his second V-Trigger Lightning Beast can roll his opponents in electric fashion in both ground and mid-air.




Pop Culture[]

Blanka/Pop Culture






  • The meaning of Blanka, in Esperanto, is "white". It is similar to "blanca" in Spanish.
  • Blanka is Yoshinori Ono's favorite Street Fighter character, and he is often seen with a Blanka toy that he uses to hide spoilers, according to an interview with the Nintendo Channel.[citation needed]
    • Ono obtained this aforementioned toy along with a few extra, from the fast food chain Jollibee's Kids Meal set in the Philippines, similar to the Happy Meal from McDonald's.[16] Currently one of them is broken and Ono keeps the other close to him.
    • In Blanka's character story in Street Fighter V, Blanka often carries the Blanka-chan doll around, a reference to Ono carrying his Blanka toy as explained above.
  • Although Blanka was very well-received by Brazilian gamers, Capcom was criticized for its depiction of Brazil. Former Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono, surprised when told that Blanka is popular among Brazilians, apologized for the poor impression of the country given by the character.[17] Capcom Brazil would later assist in the creation of Street Fighter V newcomer Laura as a more authentic Brazilian fighter.
  • Blanka shares a birthday with the Naturalist Charles Darwin who postulated evolution by natural selection. Many of Darwin's facts were collected during his expedition of South America.
  • Blanka is featured in a Magic: the Gathering card - "Blanka, Ferocious Friend". And in the artwork he is shocking Dan.
  • His Japanese voice actor, Yuji Ueda also voiced Urien in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact.
  • In Felicia's ending of the original game Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, she says she wants Blanka as her co-star.
  • Ingrid has a unique opening when facing Blanka in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, where she throws a random fruit (being either a pineapple, a watermelon or a hand of bananas) which he either catches in his mouth or gets hit on the head with it.
  • Blanka is one of the few characters in the original Street Fighter IV to have one rival (in his case, El Fuerte) throughout the whole game series.
  • Sakura's Story costume in Street Fighter V, which depicts her working outfit, a Blanka doll can be seen attached to her waist, at the back.
  • Blanka's second V-Trigger Lightning Beast's exclusive Special Move, Rolling Cannon, bears a striking resemblance to Beast Cannon, a move most commonly associated with Darkstalkers character Jon Talbain.
  • While Rolling Attack's name remains consistent across multiple titles, the moves derived from it have either stuck with the original Japanese names that treat it as a verb, or the translated names that treat it as a noun. An example of this is Backstep Roll, known by its normal name in Street Fighter IV and Back Step Rolling in Street Fighter V.
  • Blanka's Street Fighter 6 theme, Zilra Zilra, mashes the traditional tone of the music with typical brazilian music genres, such as Samba and Brazilian Funk.
    • It is also a anagram of Brazil, sans the initial B.

Stage Themes[]


See also[]


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