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Blast Furnace is a stage that appears in Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter IV.


The fight takes place in a furnace that belongs to Shadaloo, the organization's mark being visible in a sign and on the back of the clothes from the workers present in the area. The workers are either working or watching the fight. During the battle, an accident happens and molten metal starts spilling, and some workers panic. In the second round, a large portion of the area is filled with molten metal, with most workers running around nervously. In the third round, all workers evacuate the area, except for Tekken character Ganryu. While watching the fight, he becomes surrounded by molten metal. In the end of the round, the lone worker realizes that he is in trouble.

In the PlayStation Vita version, only two people are present, the large worker watching the fight while standing on a crane. If a fighter is knocked down, the worker will slip and get stuck on the crane, which will start moving around out of control. The other worker present will move to a console, apparently attempting to help him.