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Zarathos022 Zarathos022 8 June

Called it. F@

Called it. F@#king called it.

Ryu didn't protecc

He FAILED to attacc

And now, because of him BISON IS BACC

Never sing your praises of this overrated piece of sh!t to me again.

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XRGM1267 XRGM1267 25 May

Renaming Bandicam 2024-05-02 22-40-04-602.jpg for Administrators

I need help from Administrators Regarding This Akuma Shun Goku Satsu KO image

I want to rename it to SF6AkumaMarkOfHeavenKO.jpg but only Administrators can Rename images. Can you please rename this image from Bandicam 2024-05-02 22-40-04-602.jpg into SF6AkumaMarkOfHeavenKO.jpg please?

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Pvzfanatic423756 Pvzfanatic423756 30 March

Maybe My Taste Is Also Yours: Pt2!

See if you can choose a character that I hate more than Rufus!

Who knows? Perhaps…

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S617519 S617519 11 March

Idea for new "Street Fighter" game

For such a long time, I've had this interesting idea for a new "Street Fighter" game that I think should really be made by Capcom. Many things still have to be figured out, but for now, I'll just discuss everything I have in mind. First off, I have decided that the game shall be called... "Ultra Street Fighter: Good vs. Evil". It would be a 2D fighting game that would be a semi-classic version of "Ultra Street Fighter IV", bringing together the colorful cast of characters from four "Street Fighter" series: "Street Fighter II", "Street Fighter Alpha", "Street Fighter III", and "Street Fighter IV". If it were to actually be a thing, it would be released on Xbox consoles after the Xbox 360, PlayStation consoles after the PlayStation 3, Ninten…

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Pvzfanatic423756 Pvzfanatic423756 10 March

Maybe My Taste Is Also Yours! Choose An SF Character And See If I Like Them Better Than Ed!

Choose an SF character to see if I like them.


It cannot be from a spin-off, be Ingrid, or be Ed. It also can’t be made up.

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S617519 S617519 15 January

"Street Fighter II" (Game Boy) Music test

More emulators means I was recently able to play a little bit of "Street Fighter II" for the original Game Boy, and I must say, it's one of the most interesting versions of "Street Fighter II" to exist. To start off, it functions sort of like "Super Street Fighter II", as the music sounds as if it were a CPS-2 game, the characters' portraits look just like they do in those games, and the boss characters actually have their own endings as well, unlike in the CPS-1 games. Although, for "storage" reasons, a few characters have been removed, and we are limited to the following fighters: Ryu, Blanka, Guile, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, Bison, Sagat, and Balrog. In the 'Options' menu, there are two sound test sections: 'Music' and 'Ef…

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S617519 S617519 13 January

"Street Fighter II'" (SEGA Master System) Sound test

The SEGA Master System version of "Street Fighter II'" is sort of one of the crappiest versions of "Street Fighter II" to exist (yes, I've found yet another emulator). On the SEGA Master System, you've only got a control pad and two buttons on your controller. That's cool and all, but there's no button to pause the game, and for this specific game, you simply have to press 'B' to throw a punch and 'A' to throw a kick. Interestingly enough, the characters' portraits look just like they do in the "Super Street Fighter II" series, and instead of twelve characters, you have a selection of eight characters, including but not limited to: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Blanka, Guile, Balrog, Sagat, and M. Bison. Gameplay's not really that great. The order of …

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S617519 S617519 12 January

"Street Fighter II': Champion Edition" (X68000) Music test

With the Sharp X68000 being a Japan-exclusive gaming system, there's a version on said gaming system of "Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers" and "Street Fighter II': Champion Edition". Another Japan-exclusive version of "Street Fighter II". Remember how the X68000 version of "The New Challengers" had a music test in the options menu? Yeah. So does this version of "Champion Edition". In this version of "Street Fighter II", the music sounds kind of like the original CPS-1 music style in the arcade versions of the CPS-1 era, but you have to really listen to hear the difference. Like in "The New Challengers", you can choose to listen to the music in one of two modules between 'Internal' and 'MIDI' (trust me, 'Internal' for the win). …

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S617519 S617519 11 January

"Street Fighter II': Champion Edition" (PC Engine) Sound test

When I went over the music and sound effect tests for the SNES versions of "The World Warrior" and "Hyper Fighting", the Mega Drive version of "Champion Edition" and the X68000 version of "The New Challengers", I only did those because they actually kind of matter to me in terms of various versions of "Street Fighter II". However, when I sort of looked into other versions of "Street Fighter II" that "don't matter" to me, I realized that some of them aren't so bad, like this version of "Champion Edition" on a Japanese-exclusive console called the PC Engine, which has also been released in North America under the name of TurboGrafx-16. Like the X68000 version of "The New Challengers", this is one version of "Street Fighter II" that was relea…

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Plazzy99 Plazzy99 14 August 2023

Guile's movelist for Street Fighter EX 2 Plus is complete with the creation of the Elbow Stamp article. Feeling good.

Guile's moveset pages for Street Fighter EX 2 Plus are complete with the publishing of the Elbow Stamp page I made yesterday. If there are new articles you want me to make please let me know, but please do not spam me.

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Top2456 Top2456 17 July 2023

Ultimate Moves

  • Ryu: Shin Shoryuken.
  • Ken: Shippu Jinraikyaku.
  • Blanka: Lightning Cannonball.
  • Chun-Li: Soten Ranka.
  • Dhalsim: Yoga Shangri-La.
  • E. Honda: Orochi Breaker.
  • Guile: Sonic Hurricane.
  • Zangief: Siberian Blizzard.
  • Balrog: Dirty Bull.
  • M. Bison: Nightmare Booster.
  • Sagat: Tiger Destruction.
  • Vega: Bloody High Claw.
  • Cammy: Delta Red Assault.
  • Dee Jay: Climax Beat.
  • Fei Long: Gekirinken.
  • T. Hawk: Raging Slash.
  • Akuma: Shun Goku Satsu.
  • Adon: Jaguar Avalanche.
  • Birdie: Skip To My Chain.
  • Nash: Judgement Saber.
  • Dan: Shisso Buraiken.
  • Guy: Bushin Muso Renge.
  • Rose: Illusion Spark.
  • Sodom: Tenchuu Satsu.
  • Evil Ryu: Messatsu Goshoryu.
  • Gen: Teiga.
  • Rolento: Patriot Sweeper.
  • Sakura: Haru Ranman.
  • Cody: Last Dread Dust.
  • Karin: Hadorokushiki Hasha No Kata.
  • R. Mika: Heavenly Dynamite.
  • Ingrid: Sun Delta.
  • Alex: …
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UTC000 UTC000 13 July 2023

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Plazzy99 Plazzy99 14 June 2023

I made my first wiki page on the wiki today! So glad I figured it out!

I just made my first wiki page on the wiki. It's a lot tougher than I thought but I did it!

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Top2456 Top2456 11 June 2023


  • 1 Ryu
  • 2 Ken Masters
  • 3 Necalli
  • 4 Akuma
  • 5 Blanka
  • 6 Balrog
  • 7 Zangief
  • 8 Rainbow Mika
  • 9 Sakura Kasugano
  • 10 Rufus
  • 11 Juri Han
  • 12 Gouken
  • 13 Chun-Li
  • 14 M. Bison
  • 15 Cammy White
  • 16 Sagat
  • 17 Evil Ryu
  • 18 Decapre
  • 19 Dudley
  • 20 Seth
  • 21 Dan Hibiki
  • 22 Q
  • 23 Fei Long
  • 24 Crimson Viper
  • 25 Guy
  • 26 Guile
  • 27 Vega
  • 28 Ibuki
  • 29 Cody Travers
  • 30 Rose
  • 31 Dhalsim
  • 32 Dee Jay
  • 33 Poison
  • 34 Cracker Jack
  • 35 Urien
  • 36 Karin Kanzuki
  • 37 Oro
  • 38 Hakan
  • 39 El Fuerte
  • 40 Hugo
  • 41 Oni
  • 42 E. Honda
  • 43 Gen
  • 44 G
  • 45 Menat
  • 46 Sean Matsuda
  • 47 Makoto
  • 48 Alex

  • Seoi Nage
  • Hadoken
  • Shoryuken
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
  • Focus Attack
  • Shinku Hadoken
  • Shin Shoryuken

  • Hell Wheel
  • Hadoken
  • Shoryuken
  • Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
  • Focus Attack
  • Shinryuken
  • Shippu Jinraikyaku

  • Mask of Tlalli
  • The Disc's Guidance
  • Raging Light
  • Valiant Rebellion
  • Culminated Power
  • Torrent of Power
  • Soul Offering

  • Seoi Nage
  • Gohadoken
  • Goshoryuken
  • Tatsumaki Zankukyaku
  • Ashura Sen…

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Sergio reyes ledesma Sergio reyes ledesma 2 June 2023

street fighter 6

street fighter is already available for sale a lot of people played this game and the truth is that I am going to give my opinion and analysis of street fighter 6 the truth is that it has few, it has 18 characters the truth is that a lot of people are going to get a little angry they are going to complain a little in the arcade mode has 4 characters and a bonus destroy the trailer but the truth is the game is amazing excellent very good extreme mode is a plagiarism of the world heroes dead match there is where this idea of ​​extreme and world tour was born is yakuza stele you walk all over the city and you challenge opponents challenge in players in world tour but you can create your avatar this is from monster hunter world where you creat…

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Sergio reyes ledesma Sergio reyes ledesma 26 April 2023

capcom changed the name hell to extreme in survival street fighter v

This idea came from a topic of mine in the forum capcom unity create your ideas in arcade mode street fighter v capcom I read this topic in capcom unity and put the name suvivor capcom I change the name hell to suvivor Easy is 10 matches Normal is 30 Difficult is 50 I'm not sure how many are in hell mode, but I think it's 100. I really liked the name extreme and hell I didn't like it

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Sergio reyes ledesma Sergio reyes ledesma 17 April 2023

Street fighter advanced player fan Blogger

Street fighter Street fighter advanced player fan I am the creator of my blog it is a fighting videogame blog I publish about Street fighter and other fighting games in this blog I publish my best achievements and interviews with famous players in my blog a kyo kuzanagui player of sakura from Street fighter 5 mike fass from the series Street fighter the later year james chang evo reporter and interview brian glynn the shao khan from mortal kombat and I did an interview with daniel pesina and I did an interview with retro adventures on YouTube between other interview I started to create my blog I am a Street fighter player my blog has many topics that I publish look at my blog is interesting. STREET FIGHTER ADVANCED PLAYER FAN (streetfight…

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Sergio reyes ledesma Sergio reyes ledesma 17 April 2023

street fighter league is inspired by my topic from my ex capcom unity forum account

street fighter league esta inspirado en mi tema de mi ex cuenta del foro capcom unity un empleado de capcom miro mi perfil y hay nacio los torneos de street figter league

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Sergio reyes ledesma Sergio reyes ledesma 17 April 2023

street fighter 5 online tournament ex forum capcom unity

ex forum capcom

online tournament soon ex forum capcom unity

  [/ur [url=

I said that idea that capcom puts a league team in street fighter v

Street Fighter V Feedback Thread

6 months ago :: Apr 14, 2019 - 4:27 AM#1481

Sergio Reyes Ledesma

Sergio Reyes Ledesma

Posts: 1,200

Street Fighter X Mega Man

. street fighter league mode

3 vs 3 online match team (Create a team name) and wait for the 3v3 challengers to come And you can change the name of the 3v3 team It adds icons and titles.

I said this idea in capcom unity this beta came out but it only lasted 2 days on playstation 4 this is just a demo it means a demonstration

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Sergio reyes ledesma Sergio reyes ledesma 15 April 2023

capcom unity theme SF4 Character Balance Suggestions ex forum capcom unity

capcom unity theme SF Character Balance Suggestions

. in capcom unity in the street fighter forums there is a topic that says (sf characters balance suggestions ). In this topic there is where the ultra street fighter 4 game was born This combofiend said in capcom unity he said he wants to create an update of street fighter 4 and that this update is used in the future combofiend created the topic sf characters balance suggestion is for all characters , from super street fighter arcade edition many users of capcom unity wrote their suggestions faster punch and kick increase attacks and damage all, characters the suggestions are different and capcom increase increase all attacks of street fighter 4 is ready is ready all characters and combofi…

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CringeMin233 CringeMin233 23 March 2023

Street Fighter OC's: Spike Larson

Street Fighter OC’s: Spike Larson

Fighting Style: Beastlike, constantly changing depending on the situation

Gender: Male

Birthplace: London

Birthdate: May 13, 1986

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Occupation: Musician/Serial Killer

Likes: Noise, destruction, killing, music, money

Dislikes: Lawmen, guns, technology, Cammy, peace, The Royal Family

Personality: Murderous, unintelligent, chaotic, vengeful, wrathful.

Blood type: A


Weight: 675 Lbs

Allies: None

enemies: Cammy, Guile, Ryu, Ken

Special Moves:

Soundwave: Spike channels a powerful sound wave which forms a physical energy blast that can hurt the enemy.

Sonic Cry: Spike creams very loudly, and it can stun enemies.


Spike grew up in London in a record shop where he discovered his love of heav…

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Cstoczyn Cstoczyn 16 March 2023


Hi, what's up?

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Sergio reyes ledesma Sergio reyes ledesma 26 November 2022

Sergio el creador de onimusha ibuki suit ex forum capcom unity

Street Fighter V

HELLO EVERYONE I AM THE IDEA FOR MIKE'S BARLOG SUIT FROM STREET FIGHTER 1 SERIOUSLY I WROTE THAT IDEA IN A CAPCOM UNITY ISSUE THE SUBJECT IS CALLED What crossover costumes would you like to see? 7411/30971917/what-crossover-costumes-would-you-want-to-see?pg=6 IN THE FORUMS OF STREET FIGHTER CAPCOM UNITY ITEM NUMBER 51 THIS ITEM IN CAPCOM UNITY WRITE IDEAS HOW THEY WANT TO CREATE THE COSTUMES OF OTHER FRANCHISES FROM CAPCOM AS SUSEDIOUS WITH MONSTER HUNTER DARKSTALKER AMONG OTHERS THIS SAYS ON EVENTHUBS The official Street Fighter Twitter account has revealed another new costume. Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Balrog has an alternate appearance that transforms him into Mike from Street Fighter 1.

This costume will be assign…

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S617519 S617519 10 December 2021

"Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers" (X68000) Music test

In the Sharp X68000 version of "The New Challengers", you can run music tests in the options menu. While they're some YouTube videos of players doing this, they use the 'MIDI' music module instead of the 'Internal' one, which doesn't really set the vibe if you ask me. If you ask me, the 'Internal' music module is way better. Regardless, they're 63 awesome soundtracks, all marked by numbers. I don't know how you play the music, or how you can just stop it without going to '00', but I do know one YouTuber actually played all 63 soundtracks in one video, in order, even though we only see the game cover. Though there is a '00' selection, nothing plays, and when a soundtrack is already playing, it just abruptly stops. Anyway, here are all 63 so…

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S617519 S617519 9 December 2021

"Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting" (SNES) Music and sound effect test

"Street Fighter II' (Turbo): Hyper Fighting" was first released as an arcade game, and then was later released on other types of consoles. In fact, it plays a very similar role on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System to the SEGA Genesis game "Special Champion Edition", where both games include both "Hyper Fighting" and "Champion Edition". The difference is that in "Special Champion Edition", "Champion Edition" is the main game, while "Hyper Fighting" is a secondary game, and here, the two have swapped roles; "Hyper Fighting" is the main game, and "Champion Edition" is a secondary game. On the Main Menu, just choose 'Normal' and you'll be playing "Champion Edition" style. Regardless of mode, though, 'Hyper' or 'Normal', this SNES version…

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S617519 S617519 6 December 2021

"Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition" Sound effect test

There are three "Street Fighter II" games released on classic old consoles that let you listen to the music and sound effects heard in the games. Unlike the two SNES versions, all available sound effects to listen to in "Special Champion Edition" are completely different sounds. No repeats. So, without further ado, here's, well, almost every sound effect in the Mega Drive's "Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition":

  • 00 - Light punch landed
  • 01 - Medium punch landed
  • 02 - Heavy punch landed
  • 03 - Light kick landed
  • 04 - Medium kick landed
  • 05 - Heavy kick landed
  • 06 - Blocked attack
  • 07 - Swing
  • 08 - Land on back
  • 09 - Land on feet
  • 0A - Attack strong enough to cause blood
  • 0B - Hit by flammable attack
  • 0C - "Sonic Boom!"
  • 0D - "Tiger!"
  • 0E - "Tiger Uppercut!"
  • 0F -…
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S617519 S617519 3 December 2021

"Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition" Music test

"Street Fighter II': Special Champion Edition" is a game available on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. I think the name is suited only for this console. It must be special because it includes two "Street Fighter II" games: "Champion Edition", the primary game, and "Hyper Fighting", a secondary game. Whatever the case, messing around with the music and sound effects in the Options menu has never been so simple. On the 'Music test' and 'S.E. test' sections, just press right to see the next available soundtrack or sound effect, left to see the previous one, 'A' to play your selection, and 'B' to stop playing. With that being said, here are all 34 soundtracks in the game:

  • 00 - Capcom Logo
  • 01 - Intro
  • 02 - Player Select
  • 03 - VS.
  • 04 - Ryu's Stage
  • 05 - E. H…
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S617519 S617519 1 December 2021

"Street Fighter II: The World Warrior" (SNES) Sound effect test

With so much music in the Super Nintendo version of "The World Warrior" comes so many sound effects. In this game, some of the sound effects in the Options Mode menu work kind of weird. To start off, here are some of the first sound effects that are consistent:

  • 01 - Light attack swing
  • 02 - Medium attack swing
  • 03 - Heavy punch swing
  • 04 - Heavy kick swing
  • 05 - Light punch landed
  • 06 - Medium punch landed
  • 07 - Heavy punch landed
  • 08 - Light kick landed
  • 09 - Medium kick landed
  • 0A - Heavy kick landed
  • 0B - Land on back
  • 0C - Male K.O. scream 1
  • 0D - Chun-Li K.O. scream
  • 0E - Blocked attack
  • 0F - Land on feet
  • 10 - Male K.O. scream 2
  • 11 - Male grunt 1
  • 12 - Male grunt 2
  • 13 - Male grunt 3
  • 14 - Victory laugh
  • 15 - Final option on Main Menu
  • 16 - Toggle between options on Main Men…
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S617519 S617519 26 November 2021

"Street Fighter II: The World Warrior" (SNES) Music test

After seeing some gameplays of the Super Nintendo version of "Street Fighter II: The World Warrior", where players sometimes go the 'Option Mode' menu, most likely to change the difficulty or controls, I noticed there was a 'Music test' section, and a 'S.E. test' (Sound effect) section, but no one ever messes with it. Well, after finding an online emulator, which was my best bet, I was able to play the game and play with the music and sound effect tests. However, the only keys that were accurate for me were the arrow keys, 'X', and 'A'. I had to use 'Z' for 'Y', 'Q' for 'L', 'S' for 'B', and 'W' for 'R'. Regardless, I also figured out how to play the different soundtracks and sound effects. You have to press the four buttons to toggle betw…

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Mario and Rio Fan Mario and Rio Fan 20 August 2021

Seth Should Be Referred To As A Male

Frankly I am really sick of this politically correct bull crap here Seth has masculine programming and is referred to as male several times so people need to Knock it off!

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Mario and Rio Fan Mario and Rio Fan 20 August 2021

Seth Should Ge referred to as male

Frankly I am really sick of this politically correct bull crap here Seth has masculine programming and is referred to as male several times so people need to Knock it off!

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Lucero Impact Lucero Impact 5 June 2021

Wild Mass Guessing time: SFVI

Any ideas where the story continues in Street Fighter 6? Will it set before III like V did, or after?

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EA-121181 EA-121181 5 October 2020

Why do people hate Dan?

I know he looks like a joke but cmon he has some potential. I mean. He can throw good fireballs with ONE hand. Be invincible and fly.


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Liggliluff Liggliluff 3 October 2020

Suggestion: Put metric units as primary units

For character pages like Ryu, Ken and more, the units are listed as "Imperial (metric)" instead of the other way around. I suggest reversing this as the original official units are metric, since the game is made in Japan, a country using metric. The sources used are also mostly in metric. Most of the world population, as well as internet users, are using metric. It just seems to be the most logical way of doing it.

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 22 September 2020

About Videos V3

So my archive drive messed up... fortunately not the hardware itself just the casing. I saw there was a way to solder back the connector but I was lazy. I got this nice looking case that is both sturdy on the outside but instead uses USB to USB instead of that weird looking delicate connection external SSD's use. After transfering the insides it works like a champ and I even prefer it this way. I will be re-uploading videos including stuff like all the Attract Mode/intros/endings I uploaded before. Also the attacks like Ultras, CA's and supers. I am sure I put it most of it on my archive.

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 21 September 2020

About Videos V2

So... I decided to finally stop being lazy and am re-uploading videos. Very fortunately for me since I didn't change the name after rendering most videos should have the exact same name on my archive hard disc that I uploaded on the wiki to so this means if I simply re-upload the same file without changing anything the old unworking video gets replaced with the new working one immediately.

So I am kind of asking y'all not to delete videos that don't work that were uploaded by me. It would make things a whole lot easier as all I need to do is simply re-upload instead of upload and re-link. I do know about the "Chun-Lo" mistake... sorry about that.

EDIT: Well the re-uploading is now officially on hold. For some reason the USB port of my HHD ju…

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DekeTheBootyBandit DekeTheBootyBandit 4 August 2020

A potential Strider Hiryu page.

I think we should give Strider Hiryu a page. Between being the distant descendant of Zeku, Guy, and Maki, appearing in Ken's Alpha 2 Stage as well as the Lair of the Four Kings stage in V, and character specific quotes in MVC to C. Viper, Ryu, I'm kind of inclined to believe he's part of the Street Fighter universe. Let me know what you guys think.

DekeTheBootyBandit (talk) 22:35, August 4, 2020 (UTC) DekeTheBootyBandit

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 28 June 2020

About videos...

So for backstory I deleted my old youtube channel due to no longer having desire to actually make videos anymore. At first I thought if I just hid my channel then my videos would stay up but the channel would be invisible... turns out that wasn't the case.

So what I am doing now is I just made a new youtube channel ONLY for Wiki stuff. All the videos that were posted on my old channel are not going to work but fortunately I do have an archive of my videos and I will upload them when I can back into the wiki. It will take a while.

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 22 February 2020

As a new admin

Hi everyone. Recently I have been given the chance to become an admin after all previous admins have stepped away or have gone inactive. I will not act ignorant though and I know I have had quite a bit of beef with other users but I have always felt it was healthy argument that never went out of hand. I feel all good communities need some sort of quarrel as I don't think mindlessly agreeing is a good idea.

In terms of actually playing. My real playing and learning comes from three games. Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Street Fighter V. Some old school people might laugh at it but I feel that in terms of up to the latest game what I know is pretty accurate as those games share many core mechanics (some that I have made artic…

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Awyman13 Awyman13 22 February 2020

New Wiki Admins

Hello everyone! With the recent departure or inactively of the admins on the Street Fighter Wiki, I've taken the liberty to promote several new admins for the Wiki. Here is your new Street Fighter Wiki Staff:

  • AtomicDropped
  • CammyRyona

  • Saxophone Blessing
  • PsychicForceStarGladiator86

These individuals were chosen based on their contributions and activity on the Wiki. Should any other users wish to obtain admin, rollback, chat moderator rights, etc. please ask these individuals for their thoughts on the matter. Do remember that you must be an active contributor to the Wiki and community to be considered.

Remember that as your Wiki Manager, I am always here to answer any questions and help out when you need me. Until next time Street Fighter Fans. --a…

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 1 January 2020

Happy new year!

I don't have much to offer here... due to us not knowing each other. So what I will offer is y'all the icon that I used during Christmas Season. Cost me 20 dollars lawl.

Note: this is fanart so don't let it in anywhere "official" here.

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Thats cooper Thats cooper 30 December 2019

Why do street fighter 1 characters not return

OK i have thought about some stuff 

and i wonder why characters like Joe, Mike,Retsu,Geki (actually i don't want geki)Lee

don't return

and do you think they should come back 


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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 26 December 2019

Merry Christmas Again

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is warm and cozy inside their home... I was gifted a Switch this year (V2, not the lite but the revision of the original with the better battery life. The one that comes in the red box).

Y'all can have that pic btw. Should be easy to download. My gift to y'all.

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Lady Dethklok Lady Dethklok 22 December 2019

Nicknames of SFV characters

Nicknames of SFV characters that I made up 

1. White Dragon 

2. My legs do the talking 

3. Part soldier, part man, ALL ZOMBIE 

4. the Root of all evil 

5. the Jade 

6. Chains excite me 

7. the Fiery Fist O' Pain 

8. Hello, I am here to DEVOUR YOUR SOUL!

9. Kiss of a rose 

10. Flamboyancy at its best  

11. the Whirlwind 

12. Young Heiress 

13. Russian Red 

14. Electric feel, Now 

15. Let this fight warm your body like the heat of 1,000 fires 

16. Toxicity 

17. He's just a poor boah, From a poor family 

18. I put the "BOOM" in "Baby Boomer" 

19. Swift on her feet 

20. Headbutt happy gambling womanizer 

21. I'll take you here, Take you there, Take you under 

22. I command this magnetic force of a man to be mine 

23. the King Of The Iron Fist 


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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 10 December 2019

More SFV is weird.

So I was doing some more testing with the green screen for transparent gifs. I was starting to think that default outfits didn't play well with the green screen, but then saw Poison's default worked perfectly. But here are the results for Ibuki and Abigail.

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 9 December 2019

SFV is weird

Ok so on my last post I stated about how I learned to do BG less gifs. Well for some reason Ibuki's default outfit has her legs become greenish which makes it impossible to remove BG while she is wearing it. But for some reason her Sporty outfit is a shade of green but it also works perfectly. I suspect it is a layer problem

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 7 December 2019


So I saw Mrs. Ryu posted an Ibuki image (which is awesome btw) and noticed it was transparent. I did some digging and found a green screen mod for the training stage in SFV. It isn't perfect by any means and her default outfit tends to be green for some reason so I will use other outfits but LOOK! Transparent GIF! I will try to improve the Ibuki images with this technique. It is a little hard to use though.

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Lady Dethklok Lady Dethklok 24 November 2019

Pretty sure Seth is gonna be in SFV

According to  Twitter dataminer X-Kira, The next DLC character in SFV will be none other than Seth. Seth, who made his last appearance in the Street Fighter IV series, Is a synthetic human who, Like Juri, Wields the Tanden Engine, However, It is located in his stomach rather than his eye. 

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AtomicDropped AtomicDropped 22 November 2019

How I make gifs. (so you can too).

Hiya everyone. Unfortunately I am not going to include pics this time in this mini tutorial due to being a little strapped for time in comparison to other times. I want to make this though so because I want to give everyone here (who wants to read) an equal chance to do gifs the exact same way I do.

Now I have always been a visual quality freak, which is why I have owned around 5 catpure devices in 7 years (only 3 work to this day). as I have always wanted to make better visual quality videos (LIKE THIS ONE! Of course this has extended to images too. I mean I personally do not believe that there is any valid excuse for 360-PS3 era console images to be at least 720P resolution (and quality) and f…

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SuperPathFuture SuperPathFuture 10 November 2019

SNK style profiles for Street Fighter characters

  • 1 template
  • 2 Ryu
  • 3 Ken Masters
  • 4 Chun-Li
  • 5 Guile
  • 6 Cammy White
  • 7 Edmond Honda
  • 8 Balrog/Boxer
  • 9 Vega/Claw

  • Birthday
  • Birthplace
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Measurements (bust, waist, hip; for females)
  • Bloodtype
  • Family/Relatives
  • Job/Occupation
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Hobbies
  • Favorite Food
  • Forte in sports
  • Special skill
  • Most unpleasant
  • Favorite music
  • Fighting style

  • Birthday: July 21, 1964
  • Birthplace: Japan
  • Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
  • Weight
  • Bloodtype: O
  • Family/Relatives: Gouken (master, guardian)
  • Job/Occupation: Wanderer/Martial Artist
  • Likes: The path of the warrior, nature
  • Dislikes: Materialism, senseless violence and killing
  • Hobbies: Traveling, hitchhiking, training
  • Favorite Food: Mizuyokan, grapes, meatloaf, natto, but can eat anything
  • Forte in sports: Has no preference, but can do anything
  • Special skill: Can sleep a…

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