The official logo of the Blood Wrestling Association (BWA)

The Blood Wrestling Association (BWA) is a dark underground wrestling organization who had emerged and sought to take advantage of the CWA’s period of disarray after its owner and top-ranking wrestler, Victor Ortega had unexpectedly left and disappeared from the public eye. The BWA had first appeared in the Slam Masters series, which is also part of the Street Fighter universe alongside the Final Fight series.


Slam Masters seriesEdit

After Ortega’s sudden and shocking disappearance, the BWA had decided to take part in the CWA’s World Tour called the "Crash Carnival" in order to decide the new leader of the CWA from within a wrestling tournament.

After the tournament, Ortega shows up unexpectedly and challenges the winner in order to decide once and for all on who is truly and undoubtedly the undisputed leader of the CWA. It is currently unknown on who had actually won the tournament from within the official storyline of the Slam Masters series.

Known Members of the BWAEdit


  • Jumbo Flapjack (キマラ・ザ・バウンサー Kimala the Bouncer?) - A former obese bouncer turned wrestler from Yellow Knife, Northwest Territories, Canada (and in some sources, Chicago, Illinois, USA) who can spray either fire or poison from his mouth while also holding and maintaining a sadistic personality in bullying the weak and enjoying the sight of his opponent's blood.
  • Rip Saber (リップ・セイバー?) - A military-themed wrestler from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He treats every match like a life or death situation on the battlefield and uses a combination of trench shovels and grenades in battle.
  • The Scorpion (アストロ Astro?) - The shrouded and mysterious masked leader/wrestler of the BWA who holds and maintains a superb wrestling/fighting style that combines his remarkable agility with his extraordinary strength.
  • The Wraith (ザ・レイス?) - A supernatural-themed wrestler from New Delhi, India. He fights against his opponents with a combination of his long razor-sharp fingernails, his many hidden snakes, and his flame techniques as well.
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