The Bloody Garden is one of Vega's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Bloody Garden Arcade Stick CDArcade-Stick-Up+Arcade Button 2xKick
(Flamenco Tavern only)
Bloody Garden Attack Arcade Stick CDArcade-Stick-Up+Arcade Button 2xKick>Arcade Button Punch
(Flamenco Tavern only)
Bloody Garden Drop Arcade Stick CDArcade-Stick-Up+Arcade Button 2xKick>Arcade-Button-LPunch+Arcade-Button-LKick
(Near opponent) (Flamenco Tavern only)


Executed by holding down and then pressing up and two different kicks, Vega jumps onto the cage for this stage-specific dive attack. Vega climbs and holds on to a cage for a brief moment. When he leaps off of the cage and dives toward the opponent, he can perform one of the following moves as he is in the air.

  • Bloody Garden Attack: By pressing punch, Vega executes a follow-up attack, in which he angles himself upside-down and spreads his arms out like wings, slashing viciously at his opponent. The attack is essentially the EX version of his Flying Barcelona Attack.
  • Bloody Garden Drop: By pressing Light Punch and Light Kick, Vega grabs his opponent (grounded or airborne) around the waist and slams them head-first into the ground. This is the EX version of his Izuna Drop .

This move can only be executed by spending one EX meter. Additionally, this move can only be done in the Flamenco Tavern stage.



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