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Hugo utilizing Body Press against Ling Xiaoyu in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Body Press is a Unique Attack available to Hugo in Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken.


Body Press is usually utilized at the end of his Command Grabs and some Ultra Combos/ Super Arts as part of their cinematics.

Hugo extends his arms and legs, pressing his ginourmous body weight on his unfortunate opponent. Visually this attack is very similar to the ending of many of his Command Grabs, where he falls on top of his smaller opponent. A major difference is that the aerial body press doesn't lead to a knockdown (Although it can Juggle if it connects against an aerial opponent in Street Fighter X Tekken'

In terms of visuals and function, this attack is very similar to Zangief's Flying Body Attack and Flying Body Press.


Street Fighter IV

This attack is Hugo's Crossup attack. It is not recommended to be used as an air to ground, as it has very little air to ground priority, meaning it can be Anti Aired very easily. Being a Grappler Hugo benefits from the mind games this attack plays, as it is not a really hard crossup to guess the side for the opponent. Hugo has the benefit of being able to jump point blank in the face of the opponent and still get an aerial attack with Body Press, this can let him do an empty jump into a low attack or into one of his ample command grabs.

Street Fighter X Tekken

Pre-2013, This attack was one of the reason Hugo was considered so powerful. It was fully active throughout the duration of Hugo's jump, similarly to a Divekick. However it did not change his aerial trajectory, and with the huge horizontal trajectory paired with the weaker anti airs, particularly of the Tekken cast, newer players would constantly feel cheated and complain about this attack's power. Another factor is the hit and blockstun, that allows Hugo to do whatever he wanted upon landing without fear of retaliation.

In the 2013 patch, many Street Fighter characters were nerfed in terms of power, and Hugo was among arguably the most affected. upon other nerfs to his Super Armor, Body Press was significantly reduced in active frames, meaning that Hugo players have to manually detect the best time for usage. Furthermore many Street Fighter characters already had Anti Airs that could stop it, and many invinsible reversals such as Shoryuken. Ibuki had Agemen, an attack that grants upper body invincibility to the user in X Tekken that stopped the attack already. 2013 made this attack even harder to apply as it gave Tekken characters more applicable anti airs such as Christie's crouching hard punch. Law recieved a jump in immune anti air that would beat this attack at most angles.