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The Bolt Charge (ボルトチャージ Boruto Chāji)  is one of Laura's special attacks, introduced along with her in Street Fighter V.

Bolt Charge Quarter-circle forward+Punch
Split River Arcade Stick QCF.png+Arcade-Button-MPunch.png>Arcade Button Punch.png
 Rodeo Break Arcade Stick QCF.png+Arcade-Button-MPunch.png>Arcade Button Kick.png


Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Laura performs a lunging elbow strike. The strength of the punch button gives this move different properties. The Light version allows Laura to move forward horizontally on the ground. The Heavy version has Laura launching herself elbow-first diagonally upwards. If the move hits, Laura then grabs her opponent, slams them to the ground and locks them in an armbar.

The Medium version also allows Laura to move forward horizontally on the ground, but at a further distance. Unlike the Light version, this version has additional follow-ups if the first move hits.

Laura hyperextending Cammy's leg using Split River.

  • Split River - By pressing any punch button shortly after her elbow hits her opponent, Laura swings and rotates herself over her descending opponent. As they drop to the ground, Laura scissors her legs around one of her opponent's legs. Laura applies a Hamstring Leglock once they hit the ground, applying pressure on their hamstrings and ankle. After Laura lets go of her opponent's leg, she will be on the other side of the screen.

Laura hyeperextending Cammy's shouder using Rodeo Break.

  • Rodeo Break - By pressing any kick button shortly after her elbow hits her opponent, Laura grabs one of her opponent's arms and swings herself over them. She scissors her legs around the trapped arm and uses her own body weight to bring the opponent down. As Laura lands on the ground, puts her opponent in a Cross Armbar, hyperextending their shoulder joint and elbow.

Under the effects of Spark Show, Bolt Charge gains increased damage and stun.


Laura putting Cammy in an armbar using Heavy Bolt Charge.

Bolt Charge serves as Laura's most versatile move, with all variants finding a place in her arsenal. Each version of this move serves as a different tool for Laura's offense, depending on the situation.

The Light version travels a short distance and has no follow-up, unlike the Medium and EX version. However, this version starts up Laura's vortex as she suffocates her opponents with a blockstring of normals. It's -2 on block, making it a safe pressure tool. It's also +2 on hit. Laura can continue the pressure and keep her opponent guessing by mixing up throws and command grabs.

The Medium version trades the vortex setup for damage and a knockdown. It has two follow-ups, which inflicts the same amount damage. The only difference between the two follow-ups is that the Split River switches sides with her opponent. If Laura is in the corner, she can use Split River to regain positional advantage. However, this move is punishable on block. The EX Special version functions in much the same way as the Medium version. However, this version has one hit of armor that allows Laura to power through a single attack and retaliate with her Bolt Charge, plus a follow-up.

The Heavy version is one of Laura's anti-air moves. It's got some upper-body invincibility, with specific hitboxes near the latter stages of the move. However, this version is not considered a reversal. It can be stuffed out if Laura performs this move too late. That being said, it is a decent anti-air option, capable of beating out most air normals and leading into a knockdown.

In short, Bolt Charge is a vital part of Laura's offense, and its utility is not to be underestimated.



  • The Split River is based off of an official Kodokan Judo technique called Juji-Gatame (十字固め). In professional wrestling, it is commonly referred as the Cross Armbreaker.