Bolt Charge (ボルトチャージ Boruto Chāji)  is one of Laura's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter V.


Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Laura carry out an attack with the elbow at the opponent. The distance of the attack is determined by the punch button. The EX version is faster, greater distance walks, and absorb other attacks. This attack also has two follow-up attacks.

Heavy version

The heavy version is the anti-air, Laura will jump making an attack with the elbow, the player will catch the opponent with and make a follow-up attack and then will take the opponent to hit it into the ground. This version hits twice, has neither the Rodeo Break or the Split River, has no EX version.

Rodeo Break

After the Bolt Charge, pressing the kick button will make Laura rise over the opponent leaning on his/her arm, turning them and dropping them to the ground.

Split River

After the Bolt Charge, pressing the punch button, Laura will grab the opponent and jump with him/her, making them fall to the ground and shifting the leg of the opponent.


Bolt Charge can be used, in the EX version, to absorb other attacks. Her heavy version is a great anti-air and great to finish combos. And her follow-up attacks are very good to increase the damage in combos.

The heavy version can be used after a Thunder Clap loaded, a heavy punch or any attack to launch the opponent into the air. But this version just hit only air and not on the floor.

Like the EX version works with the Focus Attack absorbing other attacks can be used to absorb enemy fireballs and attack the opponent when he/she is close to Laura.


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