Bolt Charge (ボルトチャージ Boruto Chāji)  is one of Laura's special attacks, introduced in the Street Fighter V.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF + Arcade Button Punch (+ Arcade Button Punch or Arcade Button Kick for varied followups)


Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Laura performs an elbow strike, the property of which depends on the strength of the button used:

  • When performed with light punch, Bolt Charge moves forward on the ground. This version has no followup, but serves as Laura's safest special move, leaving her at only -2 on block.
  • When performed with medium punch, Bolt Charge moves forward much like its light punch variant. Unlike the light version, however, medium Bolt Charge has two followups:
    • Split River is done by pressing any punch button shortly after connecting with a medium (or EX) Bolt Charge. This move has Laura transition from an elbow strike into a leg lock that knocks her opponent down and exchanges sides.
    • Rodeo Break is performed by pressing any kick button shortly after connecting with a medium (or EX) Bolt Charge. Like her Split River, Laura transitions into a grapple--this time, into an armlock--but does not exchange sides with her opponent.
  • When performed with heavy punch, Laura launches diagonally upwards elbow-first for an anti-air Bolt Charge that, if it connects, grabs the opponent and slams them back into the ground.

The EX Special variant functions in much the same way as her medium punch Bolt Charge, but has a hit of armor that allows Laura to power through a single attack.

Under the effects of Spark Show, Bolt Charge gains increased damage and stun.


Bolt Charge serves as Laura's most versatile move, with all variants finding a place in her arsenal. Light Bolt Charge leaves Laura at a very small disadvantage on block which keeps her safe at close quarters, and if it happens to hit she can perform a nigh-inescapable Sunset Wheel afterwards. Medium Bolt Charge is her general-purpose combo move, giving her the ability to carry her opponent around the screen and, if need be, shift her position to keep herself in an advantageous spot--this applies to EX Bolt Charge as well, with the added benefit of armor. Heavy Bolt Charge is Laura's strongest anti-air (though not her quickest), and it can also be used to end certain combos both in and out of V-Trigger. In short, Bolt Charge is a vital part of Laura's offense, and its utility is not to be underestimated.


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