Bonshogeri in Street Fighter V.

The Bonshogeri (also called Bonsho Kick in some appearances) is one of Ibuki's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter III: New Generation. It also returns in all her future returns with the exception of "Pocket Fighter". In some appearances it is alternatively known as "Bonsho Kick".

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Description[edit | edit source]

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Executed by pressing forward and Heavy Kick, Ibuki spins and hops toward her opponent, delivering a split-legged kick. This attack's visual appearances changes from game to game, with it's latest incarnation looking more serious looking that previous incarnations. It should be noted that despite Ibuki splitting her legs being on both sides, the hitbox of the attack is only in front of her.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Bonshogeri in Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV[edit | edit source]

Bonshogiri works great when opponents are prone to Crouch Teching. When it hits as a Counter Hit the attack is +5, meaning Ibuki can use Target Combo 4, or if the player is skilled enough, go for a 1 frame Link into her standing medium punch or kick for an immediate special cancel afterwards. It should be noted that the attack is -3 on block, making Ibuki vulnerable to opponent with 3 frame normals, reversals such as Shoryuken, and most Grapplers due to their fast activating command grabs as well as opposing Ibuki, Guy, and Poison who are using their own command grab ultras.

Street Figther X Tekken[edit | edit source]

Ibuki Staggering Ling Xiaoyu with Bonshogeri in Street Fighter X Tekken

Bonshogeri acts as a Launch substitute of sorts for Ibuki in this game. Both are good against lows. However, Bonshogeri does not have "immunity" to lows. Instead, it uses aerial frames after frame 5 to avoid low attacks. It still gets hit by "mid" attacks from most characters that come from lows while launchers do not. The main advantage of using this over launchers is that it is 0 on block and 2 on hit. Against characters without 3-frame attacks Ibuki can effectively treat this as if it was +1 on block and continue pressure. Ibuki can, against opponents that lack a 4 frame attack such as Hugo and Kuma, actually fish for a trade with her 5 frame startup medium punch, as if she trades with their 5 frame jab Ibuki actually recovers faster in Hitstun, allowing her to combo off a trade. On hit this attack is +2, making Ibuki able to combo with her Super.

The main reason to use this is when opponents are abusing lows. Against opponents that were Counter Hit while crouching such as off a successful Super Charge Bonshogeri or Crouch Teching Ibuki staggers her opponent. The stagger has a really high frame advantage at +29, this makes Ibuki able to do some of her most damaging combos, such as Target Combo 6, use her Launcher, or if Ibuki has a partner that does higher damage than Ibuki herself, she can simply give Pandora to said partner. This tactic gives her partner a 1 point Damage Scaled combo to work with, meaning their next attack will do 100%. It should be noted that the stagger only works against crouching opponents, meaning that the opponent needs to be both counter hit and be crouching.

Street Fighter V[edit | edit source]

Ibuki scoring a Crush Counter with Bonshogeri against Cammy in Street Fighter V.

Bonshogeri puts Ibuki in the air during the active frames of this attack. This means that she is projectile invincible on the lower body as she is delivering this move.

This move is one of Ibuki's strongest pokes. It is an effective tool to use in the neutral game. While this move is -3 on block, it can be difficult for her opponent to punish if properly spaced. The Bonshogeri is also one of Ibuki's Crush Counter moves. If Ibuki scores a Crush Counter hit with this attack, it puts the opponent in a juggle state, allowing her to follow up with Crouching Heavy Kick, Raida, or Critical Art. Ibuki can also Side Switch with the first hit of Agemen for better position if desired. Most hits cause Ibuki to be Air Reset when Ibuki is hit when the airborne frames start, meaning she can recover and punish tactics that have long recovery times.

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