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The Borscht Dynamite (ボルシチダイナマイト, Borushichi Dainamaito) is one of Zangief's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V. It is the aerial adaptation of the Spinning Piledriver.

Street Fighter V Arcade Modifier Air.pngArcade Stick 360.png+Arcade Button Punch.png (During neutral/forward jump)(Near opponent in air)


Executed by performing a full circle motion and punch while in mid-air, Zangief starts the move by grabbing the opponent and hitting them with a lariat that flips the opponent upside down. He spins around once and grabs the opponent again, this time, holding the opponent in the same manner as the Spinning Piledriver.


Zangief spiking Cammy to the ground using Borscht Dynamite.

The strength of the punch button pressed determines the range and damage inflicted for this move. Light version has the longest range, but does the least damage. Conversely, the Heavy version has the shortest range, but inflicts the most damage. However, the EX Special versions have longer reach and faster execution. While it does the same amount of damage as the Medium version, it can still be used in situational combos. For example, after Zangief hits the oponent with his V-trigger, they are launched in the air; allowing Zangief to followup with the EX version of Borscht Dynamite for more damage and a knockdown. It can also be used in instances where he gets a crush counter while the opponent is in the air.

A well-timed Borscht Dynamite can grab an opponent in mid-attack, instantly stopping their momentum. The range of the Borscht Dynamite is far greater than that of a standard throw, meaning Zangief can surprise opponents by grabbing them from a distance as they are performing another move. The Borscht Dynamite can also be used as a followup after his first V-TriggerCyclone Lariat. In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, both moves have increased power and potential as combo finishers during his second V-Trigger, Cossack Muscle.

This is arguably one of Zangief's best tools introduced in Street Fighter V. It has 3 frame startup that can be used both high and low to the ground. This makes it great for reacting on jump ins and catching opponents that try to escape Zangief's suffocating offensive pressure. Using this effectively will shut down the air and force opponents to play the ground game where Zangief is stronger and more effective. It also works extremely well in conjunction with his regular throws Atomic Drop and Captured, as it can be used as a pseudo Option Select against opponents with high Jump apexes.