Bows (ボウス Bousu?) is the main antagonist of Capcom's Pirate Ship Higemaru. Despite originally having no connection to the Street Fighter series, he was adapted into its universe and given a profile in the Street Fighter V character guide.[1]


Bows is the younger brother of Momotaru and Beard and older brother to Ruby. He has the greatest physical strength among the Norwegian siblings, and carries a massive glass float he uses to fight with. His booze is also mighty potent. He is a hard worker and gets quite frustrated with fast-talkers, as he doesn’t understand what they’re saying yet he could care less about it all. He is the only sibling that is married.


In Pirate Ship Higemaru, Bows is given a cliched pirate captain aesthetic, including an eye patch, a wooden leg and a pirate hat. For his Street Fighter V profile artwork, he is given a total redesign, lacking the aforementioned, looking more like a traditional sailor than a pirate.