Bratken (ブラッケン Burakken?) is a fictional character from the Final Fight series, introduced in the game Final Fight 2. He appears as a member of the second incarnation of the Mad Gear Gang, and serves as the game's third boss.



Bratken is a heavily-muscled man with a noticeable underbite. He wears a yellow and blue striped shirt with ripped sleeves, red bracelets and pants, a brown belt, and a pair of collared boots. Bratken wears his belt over his shirt, possibly indicating he does not know how to dress himself properly due to his childlike mentality.


Despite his physically imposing appearance, Bratken is very simple-minded and has the mentality of a child. He enjoys playing with toys, and his best friend is a stuffed bear. Bratken is prone to causing excessive damage due to him not knowing his own strength, but despite this, he is said to have a very gentle heart.


Final Fight 2

Looking for new members to join Retu's incarnation of the Mad Gear Gang, several Mad Gear members bribed Bratken by preparing an old castle in the Netherlands with a room full of toys, locking him inside. Bratken soon grew bored of being locked in the room and broke out, confronting Haggar, Maki, and Carlos during their attempt to rescue Genryusai and Rena from the Mad Gear Gang's clutches.

Gameplay and fighting style

Bratken's fighting style relies primarily on brute force. He has a throw similar to Abigail's, as well as a lunging punch known as the Bratken Punch (ブラッケンパンチ Burrakenpanchi?), and a flying jump kick called the Bratken Kick (ブラッケンキック Burakkenkikku?). His attacks are very damaging, but his flying jump kick is slow and easy to avoid.


  • Bratken's physical appearance, namely the shape of his head, resembles that of the classic depiction of Frankenstein's monster from the Mary Shelley novel, Frankenstein.



Bratken (FF2) Model


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