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* [[Oro]] (Lived in Brazil)
* [[Oro]] (Lived in Brazil)
* [[M. Bison]] ([[Shadaloo]] base in ''[[Street Fighter Alpha 2]]'')
* [[M. Bison]] ([[Shadaloo]] base in ''[[Street Fighter Alpha 2]]'')
==Other appearances==
===''[[Street Fighter (TV series)|Street Fighter]]'' cartoon===
It is visited in the ''Street Fighter'' 1995 cartoon in the first episode ''[[The Adventure Begins]]'' where [[Guile]], [[Chun-Li]], [[Ryu]] and [[Ken Masters|Ken]] try to stop Bison from causing trouble with [[Lucinda]] and some other scientists who were trying to find a cure for a disease that was plaguing the area. Blanka who joined Guile and the other street fighters protected his "brothers" from getting the disease and it was discovered that his blood contained a cure for it.
==Brazil stages==
==Brazil stages==

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Blanka's stage in Street Fighter II.

Brazil is a country in South America. It is most notable in the Street Fighter universe as being the home country of Blanka.



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Brazil stages

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